How to choose linoleum for the home?

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Conceiving holding decoration in the living room, we try to choose the most suitable materials for flooring and walls.The modern market offers a huge selection of paints, wallpaper, laminate, ceiling tiles, which enables each user to select the most appropriate finish for the home.We all look at how to choose linoleum, its types and how to care for sex.

This flooring is popular.The cause of great fame were such positive qualities as practicality, ease of care, efficiency, large variety of colors and patterns, as well as durability.Do not forget that the linoleum has a good sound and heat insulation, strength and increased flexibility, it does not transmit moisture and can be installed on any surface.

linoleum How to choose the most suitable for every room in the house?To answer this question, it is necessary to consider the different types of coverage.Linoleum is foam or fiber-based, as well as without, natural rubber, alkyd, kolloksilinovy ​​or PVC.

most expensive option would be natural linoleum.Its basis is a jute fiber which is coated with several layers of natural fabrics.A great advantage of this material is environmentally friendly, fire safety and a good antistatic effect.It can not be exposed to corrosive environment and household chemicals, which greatly increases its durability and beautiful appearance.

most popular is PVC linoleum.Low cost and beautiful appearance, ease of installation and durability have made it one of the best floor coverings in residential and administrative buildings.When this material should take into account its sensitivity to changes in temperature regimes and the effects of chemicals.

most fragile of all types of linoleum is considered alkyd (griftalievy).It is made from polymers and has very good heat and conduction.Increased water resistance and elasticity is characterized by a rubber linoleum (relin).The basis for its production is a synthetic rubber.This finishing material is perfect for interior decoration production facilities.

linoleum How to choose a house, what to pay attention in the first place?If you have already decided on a specific form, then go to the supermarket.Carefully consider the options presented in the store coverage.The surface should be uniform, with the same gloss over the entire area of ​​the cut piece.From the cover should not be an unpleasant smell, fibrous or foamed homogeneous basis, without bald spots and swollen places.Clearly stamped pattern, bright colors and the presence of the mark on the basis of the manufacturer is also a prerequisite for quality material.

Before choosing linoleum, read the specifications.For laying in the bedroom and in the bathroom will need different materials.The more often you use a particular location, the thicker need linoleum.Good resistance to indentation and abrasion resistance, high thermal insulation and density will be the main criteria for choosing the material for the entrance hall and a corridor.For residential premises is perfect linoleum thickness of 2-3 mm.

How to choose linoleum for the kitchen, bathroom and toilet?Very simple.The main indicators covering for these facilities to serve the density, resistance to various chemicals, water resistance, thermal insulation properties and flammability.If your choice fell on the linoleum PVC, it should be remembered that the material shrinks up to 10%.Therefore it is necessary to buy otrez, larger in area than the size of the room.For rooms with high humidity need to lay a single piece of cover to prevent the ingress of water through the joints and seams.

Wondering how to choose linoleum, stick to the basic rule - do not rush.Carefully review all the features and price range of various kinds.This allows you to make the right choice for every room coverage, has not lost its value.