How is the replacement valve cover gaskets

Probably every experienced motorist faced with such a problem, as the oil leak from the valve cover of the engine.The reason for this is an old worn-out gasket.Often, this issue concerned the owners of domestic cars.However, this does not mean that the risk of oil leakage foreign cars is reduced to zero.This situation can occur with absolutely everyone, so not to panic, it is necessary to know the stages by heart, which replacing the valve cover gasket.Below we will consider in detail the entire process of removal and installation details.

replacement valve cover gaskets "Audi" and "FordĀ»

Any work on the repair of the car is not complete without the preparatory process.In this case, replacing the valve cover gasket is accompanied by a thorough cleaning of the cover of the engine oil.It's enough to have any unnecessary rags.Now we take the regular set of tools and get to work.

to start taking up a head of 10 mm (it is desirable that it was a rattle) and unscrew all the bolts pins.Then disconnect the lever to the carburetor.It is connected to the throttle valve control rod.You can then make itself a replacement.To do this, lift the bonnet up, turn over the old gasket and remove it.If necessary, you can hook it minus screwdriver.Now install the new part.But before you do, take a piece of cloth and wipe unnecessary cleanse seat parts.At this stage, it can be assumed that the replacement valve cover gaskets "Ford" or "Audi" was successfully completed.We can only tighten the bolts and pins to check for leaks.

After replacing the valve cover gasket is complete, it is advisable to start the engine and wait until it attains its operating temperature.Then you need to check the level of the remaining oil on the dipstick and top up if necessary in a new neck.By the time the whole valve cover gasket replacement takes you no more than 15 minutes.

How often should change this item?

As practice shows, the valve cover gasket fails quite often - every 7-8 thousand kilometers (about 3 months of operation).But do not wait until the speedometer formed 7000th run.The gasket may be damaged before, so from time to time to look under the hood and make sure that the line near the junction of the head and the cover unit formed no oil stains.As soon as they appear, you should know that the gasket has lost its integrity, and should be replaced.

Some car owners change this item at every oil change.It is said that this is quite deliberate and correct step.Firstly, after the Gulf of expensive new fluid you are 100 per cent will be sure that it does not flow to the next day.Secondly, when you open the lid during the replacement parts you can independently determine the degree of wear timing.

So we reviewed the basic principles of the replacement valve cover gaskets and found the frequency of this procedure.