Tank Equipment

What tank equipment, and why is it necessary?Let's try to understand.

First we need to define what a tank and for what he needed.The tank is a metal container (vertical or horizontal type) for receiving, storing and dispensing of liquid and gaseous media.Any tank, depending on the type of the stored product, in order to protect and safe use of domestic content, as well as protection of the environment, equipped with the necessary (according to the project in the reservoir system) set obvesnogo equipment, which among experts called reservoir.By its very nature, is a subtype of tank equipment Oil and gas equipment and determined by a combination of devices and systems, the functional basis of which is to ensure a safe and trouble-free operation of the reservoir system.An important feature of this equipment is that it can be used in other industries (other than oil and gas), within its performance (eg alcoholic beverage industry).

What belongs to the species of equipment?First of all, this:

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- Breathing equipment: Breathing valve types (CBC, KDM, CNG NDKM, SMDK, etc.) - regulate the pressure in the reservoir within the prescribed limits;

- samplers types AKP PSRP, PSP, PSPP, etc.- Allow you to select a sample of the product at a given height of the tank;

- firecrackers HP and management mechanisms MSY, MU-1 and MU-2 - to prevent product loss at break of technological pipelines and / or refusal posted on their locking devices;

- ventilation pipes PV Field PVP - provide ventilation of the tank;

- siphon valves KS - designed for loading-unloading operations of the product from the tank / reservoir in;

- hatches (metering LZ, LL manholes, light drugs) and pipes (mounting PM transceiver dispensers SPR) - accessories, as a rule, products designed for installation above the tank kinds of equipment, or providing access to the inside of the tank.

- devices for erosion sediment tanks - dolphin, typhoon, etc.

In the market there are several Russian manufacturers of tank equipment.In addition, a number of companies offering foreign brands tank equipment.So what to choose and what is better?In our opinion, it is better to use equipment from Russia, made with the Russian climatic conditions and features of operation, according to the state standards and technical documentation of the Russian Federation.One of the prerequisites - the conformity certificates and permits of Rostekhnadzor.It should also pay attention to the choice of the major oil companies - Transneft, Lukoil, Rosneft, etc.(They do not use second-rate products).