What is the squirrel's nest?

red squirrel is the only member of the genus in the fauna of Russia.Vaxjo - is another common name of the animal.

How does an animal

red squirrel is small in size - from 19 to 28 centimeters, 2/3 of this figure takes the tail.Hair covering the whole body animal, varies along its length.On the back, abdomen and legs is shorter than the tail.From this, he looks a lot more than their actual size.The tail plays an important role at the time of jumping, which are the main form of transport proteins.

rounded head on the animal are large eyes and long ears.In winter, they are clearly visible brush.Hind legs much longer than the front.Flexible movable fingers with sharp claws and grasping.This allows the protein to move freely on the trunks and branches of trees.

color and quality of fur

Status wool proteins depends on many factors.Great influence on the woolen cover has temperature.In winter the fur is longer, thick and soft, and the summer is short, a rare and tighter.With the changing weather conditions and changes color animal.During warmer months, the fur can have shades of red or brown color.With the arrival of winter wool acquires shades of gray to the presence of black or brown.Naturalists and hunters repeatedly described instances where they met whites who had pure white or black color.Also, the color of the tail may vary from animal body.The fur color variability can be seen when reviewing the photos proteins.

should be mentioned also that the quality of the fur of the animal and its color depends on the habitat of proteins.Residents of the northern and southern latitudes dissimilar in color coats.Differ whites living in coniferous, deciduous and mixed forests.Molting takes place twice a year - spring and fall.Its duration and intensity depend on the weather conditions and the quality of food that feed proteins during this period.In good years molt begins and ends earlier.In the absence of prosperity feed process extends over a longer period.


Squirrel - inhabitant of forests.The main food for the animal are the seeds of trees.I do not deny the animal of berries, mushrooms, nuts, acorns.In lean years, squirrels feed on buds, lichens, bark of young twigs, pine needles, herbaceous plants.Sometimes it can harm the vegetation of the places where the protein is diluted too much.

Love squirrels eat eggs that are taken out of birds' nests.Adult animal can hunt for small-sized birds or chicks.
best animal habitats are considered mixed forests.It was here during the whole year of the protein is the highest quality food for themselves.Total in the diet of an animal, there are about 130 different types of feed.


Squirrel lives in the hollow of which it is in the tree trunk.In addition, the animal refuses to empty nesting boxes, old bird nests.Therefore, living in the forest zone, the proteins always provided not only food, but also a place to shelter from danger and bad weather.At the opportune time animal is actively moving, seeking out food.In the snow-free period Vaxjo easy to move across the surface of the earth.In winter, the nest remains free proteins only when the animal comes out to feed.All the rest of the animals were in a safe shelter.

Squirrel easy to move through the branches of trees, making leaps of 3-4 meters in a straight trajectory.When the downward movement of jumping to a distance of 10 - 15 meters.Manage these jumps helping tail.

Hollow proteins

For residents of deciduous forests safest place to shelter from bad weather and a variety of risks, is hollow.Squirrel carefully warms it.She coached inside the shelter of dry leaves, the soft grass, lichen.

Hollow proteins is usually located at a height of 7 to 15 meters.This distance from the ground is the most secure.Some types of protein equip your home at a height of 4 - 6 meters.At the same height, and the nest is proteins, which it builds itself if necessary.Arrangement of "housing" often engaged in the female.The male does not build shelters, he uses to hide an old abandoned birds' nests or their relatives.

Knowing who lives in the hollow of an old tree in the forest, it can be assumed that the forward-protein have to take care of the construction of their own homes.After all, a neighborhood in the hollow of a marten, bees or other larger occupants may not always be pleasant for the animal.


Nest proteins called Heine.This type of shelter is being built beast of dry twigs, branches, twigs.To give strength base structure used clay or earth.Parts used in construction, bonded to each other not only in the way the weave together but using moss, bark, urine.The choice of building material for the house depends on the proteins of the forest where she lives.Therefore, in appearance slot protein residing in different areas of data, sometimes different from each other.

When completed Hayn is a sphere with a diameter of 25 - 30 centimeters.In appearance resembles a nest basket with a lid.Most often build nests squirrels living in the coniferous forests.Refuge is located in the fork of a tree trunk or branches among large crowns.Choosing trees for building nests, squirrel prefers firs.There are cases when the squirrel nests were located in close proximity to the ground in the bushes of juniper.But the choice of a place of refuge is very rare and happens only when the animal does not disturb the peace of the person or predatory animals.

Heine, the name of the socket proteins has two side exit.One of them will face the trunk of a tree that hosts the shelter.This output uses animal during an emergency.In the trunk, you can easily get to the crown, and escape from danger in the branches.

inner space animal nest lined with a thick layer of insulation, which is made up of its own wool, moss, soft, dry grass, bark.Hayn walls have cracks and openings other than input.But their animal can optionally completely sealed from the inside.In the cold winter nest protein is able to take up to five animals.However, such animals settlement exception.Squirrel loves to host in its nest alone.

As protein using socket

Vaxjo very clean.She always takes care of the nest, corrects it creates a feeling of comfort.And it is no coincidence.It turns out that animals are hiding in their nests not only from the storm, hurricane, blizzard and frost.They need this shelter to hide from the strong and heat.In summer, when hot weather is established, the protein can be seen in the forest only in the morning or in the evening.The rest of the days they spend in their safe havens.

female Heine uses the name of the socket proteins for the breeding.Young Belchatow leave the mother's house just a few months after his birth.

how many slots you need to Vaxjo

interesting fact is that the protein is living in a hollow, and at the same time can have a few slots, suitable for shelter.Sometimes the number of nests, which are home to a protein reaches fifteen.Two or three of them are basic, they are built with the utmost care and precision.And the rest of the nest could be called the spare.In these animal shelter from predators and bad weather, if the need arises, and this is the main nest is far from the seat of the beast.

noticed that from one cavity to another protein proceeds through 2 - 3 days.It is believed that in this way it gets rid of the parasite.

care of posterity

Nest proteins for rearing is different from where she lives alone.Brood nest is large.Animal builds it with great care and precision.Sometimes more than one such constructed terminal and the two or three.Appeared helpless pups proteins were transferred from place to place in the teeth.

Squirrel storage

Life proteins and their offspring depends on the quality of food.Its a sufficient number of particularly important during the cold season.That is why the summer and fall of animal feed surplus adds to the chambers.These stocks will necessarily demand in winter.

Cellars arranged in the hollows of trees and roots, in burrows.Some of their stocks (eg, mushrooms) protein hangs directly on the branches, do not hide them from prying eyes.But most of Vaxjo is trying to hide the food so that it could not see the other inhabitants of the forest.For this protein corrects legs moss that she had to lift to hide stocks.In doing so, she is trying to hide the traces of their activities.

However, the whereabouts of their own storerooms Vaxjo quickly forgotten.Its reserves can benefit relatives or other forest dwellers, especially those who live in the hollow where the pantry is arranged.However, the protein itself may not hesitate to eat any other animal blanks.The main thing for it - it look like a storeroom.Sometimes during the crop failure it happens that inventories are very low.Cellars emptied already in late autumn or early winter.Starvation leads to mass death protein.

In severe winters relocation of a protein in a city park can be a real salvation for them.Living next to a man, the animals can always find their own food.The animals quickly get used to the presence of humans and are not afraid of them.Recently, cases where tame squirrels.In captivity, animal, of course, live longer, especially if good care of him.