What is a rainbow?

Rainbow has always attracted the attention of the person of its incredible beauty and singularity.Only not everyone can explain what it is, where there is.Indeed, it looks like a rainbow?Try to describe this interesting phenomenon of a man who has never faced him.Get it?Let's try it together.

How does a rainbow

If you take five different colors, draw a sweeping semicircle strip one after the other in the blue sky, you get something similar to the above miracle.Describes it differently.But any observer can find similarities phenomenon.Firstly, it always represents a piece of the arc.In the best case - the half-rings, each of which abuts against the tip of the ground.Sometimes you can see a piece of the arc.This depends on the position of the observer.Ancient people worshiped this phenomenon, considered him a special "sign".Naturally, everyone had to know what it looks like a rainbow, not to miss this celestial "messages".And now, to confess, people are happy to admire this phenomenon.Even they say it is a sign of impending good luck.Rainbow is compared with the "yoke of heaven", a bridge, gate and so on.It comes "out of nowhere" on what does not is based.It can not touch, just looking ecstatically.Its value is interpreted unambiguously - in a positive sense.No people in the world did not think this beauty something sinful or bad sign.What can be said about the study of this phenomenon.

From the history of the Church is not

welcomed the attempts of scientists to understand the processes of formation of the rainbow.She insisted that the Lord creates all physical phenomena in nature.Examples of this can be found in the history of the XVII century.Thus, the scientist Dominis, who tried to carry out such studies, was excommunicated and placed under arrest.The sentence of the Inquisition, he did not wait, died in prison.However, his body was burned (so did the heretics).The same fate awaited other inquisitive researchers.While thinking they had a generally correct.Obviously, arguing that looks like a rainbow, why it occurs, they had to get to the main optical laws.Conclusions managed to make a Czech scientist Mark Marci.

Nature white light

so happens that a person explores one small phenomenon, and gets the conclusions, which would later be called the fundamental.That is a little experiment could start a revolution in science.Today, the famous Czech interested in physical phenomena in nature, examples of which he saw in everyday life.Only it was not satisfied with an explanation about the divinity of the Church of origin.He conducted simple experiments with sunlight.Namely considered rays passing through the faceted glass.One day, perhaps by chance, in his hands he got a piece, vaguely reminiscent of the prism.He skipped through her thin beam in a dark room.His surprise there was no limit.The piece of glass came one ray and left as many as five, and colorful!So it was proved experimentally the complex structure of the white light.Later, she theorized Newton.

What happens in the prism and how it relates to the appearance of the rainbow?

When white light enters a different environment, it is refracted.Since it is made up of different waves, each of which behaves differently.When passing through this flat surface can be seen.But in a prism, pyramid-like, white light is decomposed into a spectrum.That is the wave of a certain color is refracted differently.The output is not white light and rainbow stripe.Now remember that the phenomenon under study appears in the rain.Solar rays pass through the droplets, each of which resembles a prism, and separated into a spectrum.A viewer sees the rainbow in the sky.It seems that it drew in the air.The magic of this phenomenon is unlikely to disappear, even if fully understand the mechanism of its occurrence.

What color of the rainbow?

Not all perceive this phenomenon is the same.It depends on the specific conditions, even particularly human retina.But this does not mean that the rainbow appear differently.No, they are all the same, just that sometimes certain colors are less noticeable.Sometimes the phenomenon looks pale, and sometimes - very bright.After reviewing the theory, we can say with certainty what color of the rainbow should be.First comes the red.Behind him appears orange.They can merge into one lane for a person with low sensitivity of the retina.Then appear yellow and green.Next - blue with blue.They may also be perceived audio band arc.It ends with purple.This "ideal" rainbow is rarely observed.Is that in the laboratory.There is even a poem for children, which remembers the colors of the rainbow.Here it is: "Every hunter wants to know where sits Pheasant".The first letters of the words are similar to the name of the color, make up this magnificent natural phenomenon.

Can I see a rainbow without rain?

If you understand how it is formed, the question may seem very strange.In order to get the rainbow, we need two conditions: sunshine and drops of water sprinkled in the air (on the surface of the plant).When this happens?Beautiful rainbow (photo) can be formed in a waterfall or fountain jets.Thus all conditions are met.It is important to bear in mind that you can see a rainbow when the observer is standing between the water "suspension" and the sun.So, if possible, on a fine day, take a stroll around the fountain.You are sure to find a camera angle when in the air there is a great phenomenon.Yet it sometimes occurs in the strong surf when the waves break on the set of spray.If the sun is shining, you can see colorful stripes in the air.

glance from heaven

It should be understood that the basic natural phenomena have their own laws.If we talk about the rainbow, they quite understood.So, people wondered why it looks like a piece of a circle?It turns out that it depends on the point from which it is observed.The sun's rays are refracted to fall into the human eye.All of them are straight.If you draw them on a sheet of paper, you get exactly the arc.And if you look at it from above, it will look rosy ring.Suffice it rare to see several "heavenly bridge."They occur when sunlight is refracted more than once in the droplets.Cases of appearance in the sky of two, three of the five rainbows.Excellent show!

different perception of the rainbow

Scientific substantiation phenomenon bored.It is not comparable to the sensations experienced by the viewer.Sometimes even a pity that everything is explained in detail by science.Natural phenomenon of the summer, including the "sign of heaven," is filled with an incredible sense of delight audiences, extraordinary miracle.It is even described in the Bible.It was a sign from the Lord the righteous suffering.When Noah to escape the flood, swimming in rough waters without hope, but with a deep faith in his heart, he was granted a sign.They became a rainbow appeared in the sky after the rain, which lasted forty days.Noah realized that saved.It is from that time, multicolored arc began to consider a good omen, a sign from God.They say that it appears only a good, righteous people.And you have seen the rainbow?