The restructuring of the company and its debt as a recovery methods

restructuring of the company - a process that provides timely and flexible changes in the structure of the company, adapting it to the changeable influence of external and internal factors.The structure of the company, the Related updates will stand.But others expect degradation, instability and as a result all the same restructuring, but in the form of a bankruptcy or reorganization.

enterprise restructuring in each case carried out using an appropriate approach.It takes into account not only the situation in the company.Also take into account the state of the industry, the relevant market of goods and services.It is important to diagnosis of "disease" that impede productive activities and identify the degree of neglect.Only then can we choose the right strategy and restructuring plan.

restructuring of the company - a process that is carried out in two main stages.

first phase includes carrying out organizational activities, administrative matters, implementation of property restructuring.Optimized activities, changes the structure of the organization, mobilization and conversion of concentrating resources and finance.As a rule, large financial expenses in this period are not expected.The measures leading company in readiness for the beginning of the second, more difficult stage of restructuring.

During the second phase of the restructuring of the company is carried out in the form of changes in the ownership structure (but not necessarily) also carried out restructuring of finance, investment in fixed capital and labor resources.During this period, significant investments are required for the implementation of investment projects.

It should be noted that the restructuring of the company is complete without one of the stages, the two are inseparable, and their prioritization.

But do not relax, we completed the restructuring.This is only the beginning of a new phase in the development of the enterprise.In the diagnosis of the need for restructuring to help monitor the competitive market and the financial position of the company.This suggests that when completed the restructuring of enterprises should prepare for the next.

Provided capital deficit enterprises are relevant issues on debt management - both receivables and payables.Lack of attention to the management of the debt structure can lead even prosperous companies to the stage of bankruptcy.To improve the financial status of the debt restructuring will be appropriate company.The right strategy at the same time provide investment, financial and operational activities of the company finances sufficient.Therefore debt restructuring the company in line with the following goals and directions:

- limited and accelerated growth (assuming stability of competitiveness);

- reduction activities;

- combining (subject to broad industry diversification).

main objectives of restructuring: analysis of receivables, obligations, performance of debt management to detect trends in occurrence and repayment of debts;development of measures to improve the efficiency of the enterprise debts.