Life expectancy in Russia longer is better?

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average human lifespan - vacillates and changes with each decade.It is influenced by many factors.In ancient times, and in the Middle Ages, this figure is quite difficult to track down because nobody collects statistics.Is that just a few observations of ancient scholars believe that it is possible only with great caution.For example, Dominique Ulpian, a historian who lived in Rome in the first century AD, argued that in his time, residents of the city died in 15-17 years.Furthermore, Century XVI, Europe - 20 short years.Life expectancy in Russia of unknown ages.

course, this is subjective data, but it is possible to conclude that very low life expectancy.This is due to low levels of medicine, poor living conditions, epidemics, mow the lion's share of the population over the coming months.

Many people say, they say, all the products are natural.But the dirt on the streets, too, is quite natural at the time.Unsanitary conditions - a breeding ground for many diseases, to fight that our ancestors did not know how.

By the XIX century the situation is beginning to improve, and the figure reaches the level of 40 years in Europe.Life expectancy in Russia in the period following - 30 years.1930 is also not encouraging: Europe - 50 years, Russia - 40. Still, growth is evident.Even a couple of world wars, several epidemics and revolutions that swept the planet.

discoveries in medicine and pharmacy, improving the quality of life, even the simplest compliance with hygiene rules give us a chance to live longer.There are champions-centenarians - people, the number of past birthdays which exceeded one hundred.

Centenarians generally live closer to nature, often in mountainous areas, eat just to have a quiet, friendly character.For example, in Georgia there are elders, to exchange the first hundred.Although African countries, where tribes are just a very natural way of life, its duration is much lower than in developed countries.

Life expectancy in Russia at the moment does not even reach 70 years.For comparison, in Europe the figure is kept at around 79.8.The average life expectancy in the United States - 78.5.We have lower living standards and medicine, researchers say, that we no longer drink and smoke (this is debatable).

American scientist, Tomaz Perls, developed a test with which you can approximately calculate the life expectancy of the individual.As a starting point he took the average age for men 60 years, women - 72 years.We take a calculator and add or subtract.

Smoking, love of bold, strong roasted, sweet and smoking, alcohol, air pollution, strong coffee, drugs and promiscuity, tan, overweight, loneliness, stress, laziness - it all shortens life.Proper nutrition, dental floss, regular bowel movements, exercise and vitamin E - increase the chances of living longer.

Our government promised to increase life expectancy in Russia is 74 years to the year 2018 y.This is related to measures to ban smoking in public places, the rise in price of cigarettes, a ban on the sale of alcohol after eleven at night, and others.