Features of inflation in Russia

Inflation is a long and relatively steady rise in the prices of all food and non-food products and services.This process of devaluation of money, which is a result of the overflow channels of circulation of money.From it, as a rule, it depends on the purchasing power of money.Each country has its own peculiarities of inflation.In Russia, for example, currently holds a stable level equal to 6.6%.The consequences that entails a price increase may be, and the degradation of the economy and the decline in production and increase in barter transactions, and social tensions, and lack of confidence in the government, and, of course, the economic slowdown.

causes and features of the manifestation of inflation in Russia following:

1) Let's start with demand inflation, which is due to the fact that the money in circulation becomes a lot, and production at that time was still functioning, that is not timeto respond to sudden changes in demand.The result is excess demand over production capacity, because of what is happening, and the rise in prices.

2) Another reason for the growth of the money supply are the emissions that are being implemented by the Government, as the federal budget is not enough for government spending.

3) Inflation costs.It is accompanied by a rise in the cost of production constantly growing, and most of all it shows considerable expenses for the payment of workers wages.Therefore, in order to maintain the same price, the manufacturers increased prices for their products.In this case, there is a need to increase wages, as for the purchase of more expensive products you need more money, and this is another entails an increase in product prices, forming a kind of vicious circle.All that is listed above, you can predict, given the peculiarities of inflation.In Russia, at the moment this situation is not expected.So say experts.

analysis of inflation in Russia at the moment shows that in 2013 economic growth will slow down significantly, which, in fact, help to more effectively control the rise in prices.Now it is 6.6%.This increase occurred in 2012, ie 0.5% more than in 2011. Now I would like to say what particular inflation in Russia have the most significant manifestation.So, rising food prices by about 0.9% per month, and the remaining products - by 0.3%, the same services are getting more expensive by 0.4%.

As a result, we can say that the features of inflation in Russia show that at the moment the rise in prices slightly exceeded the predictions of scientists in a given year.But, nevertheless, in spite of this, the price increases are not as fast as it does in some countries, so for the moment to worry about.Besides, it is necessary to take into account inflation in the country was kept stable at the same level, almost twenty years, so a small increase in prices does not entail serious consequences.