The gold reserves of Russia - a tool of stabilization and guarantee independence

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modern world is living in Jamaican currency system created in the late 70s of the twentieth century.Its basis is the "floating" rates of major world currencies.Monetary system, in turn, was replaced by the Bretton Woods, according to which the universal equivalent value of one or another currency considered its gold content.Thus, since 1978, the yellow metal has become a commodity, the price of which may rise and fall, depending on the world market.The gold reserves of Russia - a tool of stabilization and guarantee independence.

Does this mean that gold has lost some of its magical properties, and the metal is no longer "people are dying?"No, it does not.The economic power of the country is determined by a number of economic indicators, and one of them is considered the gold reserves, measured in tons, millions of troy ounces or other units of mass.In this case, the expression "weighs" receives the most direct and immediate sense.

The global crisis leading economists often express doubts about the effectiveness of the Jamaican currency system, even voices heard about the possibility of the return of gold equivalent.

gold reserves of Russia the most part, kept on Pravda Street in Moscow.Data on its size in the moment secrets do not constitute, unlike Soviet times.However, this information is published once a year in the fall, and therefore, the number may grow.The gold reserves of Russia (2012) at the beginning of October amounted to 30 million troy ounces (for reference, 1 tr.un. = 31.1 g), or 933 tons.

keep this national treasure in the standardBullion several sizes.Gold - Metal heavy, so kilogram ingot may disappoint their more than modest geometric dimensions.

Compared with many other reserves, gold reserves of Russia is not the biggest, but the sixth place among the world leaders that something so mean, especially considering the general trend of its growth.This year alone, he has more than three dozen tons.Some decline

gold reserves of Russia survived the beginning of the global financial crisis.Then the part of the precious metal has been spent in

order to stabilize the national economy, but soon went back to the curve of growth, and now it is perhaps nothing will stop.

Dynamics of gold prices as encouraging, it has a pronounced upward trend.The amount of minerals on the planet is limited, precious metals are used not only for the trading and manufacturing of jewelry, they are widely used in engineering, especially electronic.

Russian gold reserve is replenished through purchases of precious metals from the mining companies.Large-scale purchase "yellow metal" from foreign producers does not make sense, huge reserves of natural gold was allowed to manage internal reserves.Exceptions are situations in which the price of the metal suddenly starts to fall sharply due to the increased offer, and it should be supported.

gold reserves of Russia is a guarantee of financial stability, a strong position of the ruble, and its growth shows the economic independence of the state.