How to make your own hair style shell

to create a harmonious and effective image sometimes necessary that hair was not only beautiful, but refined and elegant.To achieve this result, you can visit the hairdresser or stylist, but not always there is time, effort and something to hide, financial opportunity.If necessary, you can build your own luxury styling.How to make a shell hairstyle at home so that it is no different from the cabin option?It's simple!A little patience, and you will succeed.

How to make a shell hairstyle.Materials

To create a clean installation, you'll need washed and dried using the funds to give hair volume.We also need to be invisible, it is advisable to color the hair, studs and any decorative feature.It can be a flower or a beautiful hairpin, studs with Swarovski crystals or pearls ....It all depends on the purpose for which you are planning a hairstyle and some are going to visit the event.If it is a business meeting, then the decoration is hardly needed.But for a romantic dinner, a walk or a trip to the theater may well come in handy.It should be noted that the creation of a hairstyle or hair should be medium length or long.For a short shag shell is only possible with the use of plates and artificial strands.It looks so beautiful hairstyle on long hair.Shell requires a certain skill, so you should not experiment just before exiting.It is better to work out in advance, and then you will be fully confident in the results!

How to make a shell hairstyle

zacheshite carefully prepared hair to one side.Previously, leave a few strands around his forehead.They will be needed in the future to design styling.Combed to one side of the hair, carefully secure them invisible, slightly shifted from the back of the head.They will be the point of attachment of the shells.Start spinning the hair in a plait, gradually fixing their pins.Make sure that the pins were attached for stealth.This will give the hair more stability and strength.Recent coils build up so that the ends of the hair were inside.Carefully secure stacking with studs.Loose strands divided into two parts and complete the side of the shell.Can a little pull their ears or simulate a thin strand, further decorating hair.Garnish with decorative elements finished hair, we have a romantic evening or a variant.How to make a shell hairstyle?Simply, it takes a little practice, and succeed!

Similar hairstyles

To create a similar styling, sufficiently clear idea of ​​how it should look.Is this bundle or French braid, laid in a knot, Greek or tail hairstyle shell.How to make a beautiful and elegant hairstyle and do not spend the extra money on a visit to the salon, always look elegant and not to think about how to find time to hike to the hairdresser?Just have to learn to do their own installation, which will be spectacular and relevant!