Steam Boilers

Boilers designed to produce steam to steam supply processes in construction (warm concrete constructions, expanded clay), heating of aggregates at BSU and concrete plants in the industry for the steam supply process equipment in agricultural production for the heat treatment of feed,the pasteurization of milk, hot water and other purposes.

Boilers divided into low-pressure boilers with a steam temperature of at least 120 0 C pressurized to 0.07 MPa (0.7 kgf / cm2), which are not subject to registration in Rostekhnadzor and steam boilers with an operating pressure of more than 0,07 MPa (0,7kgs / cm2), which are subject to registration in Rostekhnadzor.The enterprise owner boiler (industrial steam), in this case, you must have a staff of trained personnel, who must periodically recertify, and the boilers, in accordance with the rules, re-registration.

Steam boilers manufactured on different fuels: coal, wood, waste derevoproizvodstva, diesel, fuel oil, gas, electricity.

Steam boilers, especially selected from the standpoint of saving foundations, depending on the region and the availability of cheap fuel.The Kemerovo region is economically advantageous to use steam to carbon, the Krasnoyarsk Territory on the wood, in the Central region of gas, Chukotka on diesel fuel.

Industrial steam unlike steam boilers are supplied fully assembled and does not require installation.For their commissioning require a short period of time.As a rule, all commissioning work can be carried out for 1-2 days.

Steam boilers are supplied separately and require the installation of auxiliary equipment.They must be connected to the feed water with the following indicators:

- suspended matter mg l, no more than 5

- the transparency of the "Ring", refer to 50

- total hardness, mg.eq l, no more than 5

- carbonate hardness, mg.eq-l not more than 3

- iron content, mg-l not more than 0.1

- oxygen content, mg-l not more than 0,03

- PH pH units, not more than 8

In case of rejection of the above parameters should be selected water treatment equipment.For iron removal of water iron removal plant and water softener - water softening systems (water treatment plant).For steam boilers, to be registered in Rostekhnadzor these requirements are mandatory.For low pressure steam boilers, these requirements are advisory in nature to prolong the life of the boiler.