Spa - a wellness and fitness ... - what's the difference?

natural desire of every person to live happily ever after in the modern world can be described in one word "wellness".This concept comes to us from America '50s, when people have an interest in the quality of life, to a sense of joy from having healthy body and spirit.Wellness - it's a lifestyle, which combines proper nutrition, health, inner harmony, mental and physical activity.

Proper nutrition

How many nutritionists, so many opinions about how you should eat every day, the body was in good shape.Determination of proper nutrition in the wellness - is balanced by the number of essential vitamins, minerals and other active components of the daily menu.

In fact, difficult to balance breakfast, lunch and dinner, given that the daily human health and longevity requires 13 vitamins and minerals it without additional vitamin compounds.Find out exactly how much is in their products, often not possible, so institutions such as wellness-center, ready to recommend taking vitamin complexes.

Clubs healthy eating helps people to harmonize their diet.This is important because the lack of any vitamin can lead to irreparable consequences.For example, a lack of vitamin B3 affects only headache, dizziness, general weakness of the body.For the person who wants to live in the style of wellness, testimonials from those who are already doing, can become a reference point at the beginning.

Human Health

For many people, the concept of "health" means "do not get sick."But this is not true.Health - the physical, mental and social well-being.If one aspect is not in order, the person is sick.

life style wellness - is regular exercise, at least at the level of morning exercise.Also, it pampering, compliance with hygiene and wearing natural fabrics.

Spiritual (or mental) well-being - an important aspect of health.Can not a man in a state of depression lead a healthy lifestyle.Stress is not accompanied by prosperity and longevity.To help manage without drugs and doctors can wellness studio, an organization that helps people find harmony by using yoga or dance lessons.

Social welfare - also an important principle of a healthy lifestyle.Low-income or poor people can not afford to provide nutritious food, which is required for health and longevity.

inner harmony and mental activity

Wellness - this relationship between man and the environment, harmonious perception of themselves to others.A man who chose his life focus on wellness, easy to recognize in the crowd.He's relaxed and calm, even in critical situations does not lose his head, and make quick and correct decisions.

Harmonisation of internal and external peace is achieved the ability to take all of the events, both good and bad, equally quietly.In a harmonious human actions are consistent with his moral convictions.

mental activity - an integral part of the longevity and well-being in the style of wellness.To avoid age-related problems with diseases of the brain, it is required to give a constant "recharge" its neural connections.To do this, solve crossword puzzles, learn poems, learn foreign languages ​​and much more.

to go to such a lifestyle, it is enough to enroll in wellness-center and find like-minded people.For beginners it is especially important, since old habits will pull back to the inharmonious and unhealthy state.

Wellness Organization

best proof that there is nothing difficult in the transition to life in the style of wellness - reviews of those for whom it has become the norm.

People are always looking for like-minded people, and the opening of clubs, centers and studios healthy lifestyle - proof.These organizations can learn the principles of proper nutrition, exercise, and spiritual practices.

Main that require a person to change the way of life - is the introduction of healthy habits.Just at this most difficult time wellness organizations help orient the new diet, exercise, the necessary literature for review.

sports and wellness

One of the important components of wellness - fitness.This kind of active exercise - one of the most popular among fans of a healthy lifestyle.

main objective fitness - to keep the body in good physical shape, making it hardy, strong, fast.His start as a physical training this sport took in the US Army when in the training of fighters began to enter exercises for strength and endurance.

later developed system of exercises for everyone who wants to make the body lean and strong.Modern fitness clubs every newcomer is tested, according to which it is assigned an individual program based on his physical fitness.

At the request of such organizations, sports dietitian can develop a special diet for losing weight or gaining lean muscle.

Fitness is part of the concept of life-style wellness, although everyone chooses what sport he will do.High indicators of demand for fitness is that it is possible an individual approach.It may be a class at the gym, dancing, swimming, hiking or biking.

regular fitness classes quickly lead body in excellent physical shape, filled with activity and strength.

Industry wellness

becoming the industry healthy lifestyle, wellness is considered to be a lucrative business.More and more people in the world willing to feel good throughout life, so the new industries developed in the industry.

There were companies that produce vitamin complexes, fat burners, protein shakes.The cosmetics industry produces the means of rejuvenation.Available new simulators, developed a unique system of training, there are new types of gymnastics.Clubs healthy lifestyle find their supporters around the world.This suggests that in the wellness - the future!