Fourteen myths about pregnancy

What makes a modern woman, after learning about the pregnancy and decided to become a mother?She buys the entire range of the "mother" of literature in the nearest kiosk, discusses with old friends, located "in the subject", listens to advice friends and relatives, but the result is not accurate information, and a complete set of legends and myths about pregnancy and childbirth.

try to dispel the most common ones.

first myth.Peace, peace and peace once again

you are pregnant, but you do not become actually in the crystal vase?If you feel good, the doctors do not you talk about the threat of an abortion and do not recommend strict bed rest, live at your own pace.There's no point throwing sessions in the pool, the gym or stop cycling.However, discuss with the instructor and the intensity of the training scheme is.

second myth.Pregnancy does not change anything

Unfortunately, not always.Even with the well flowing pregnancy something will have to change.Office suddenly will be very stuffy, despite the presence of the air conditioner and open the windows, the car suspiciously strong whiff of gasoline odors in your favorite coffee shop cause nausea and vomiting, and the third trimester, you will know all the points of the city of toilets on the way to work.

third myth.My body does not change

This is really a myth.Edit.Someone more, someone less.Someone will come easy "to shape" after the birth, someone will need effort.Perhaps these changes will be visible only to you.But they will.

Myth Four.Cream of stretch marks and cosmetics for pregnant

modern pregnant woman clearly knows that it is necessary to use a cream for stretch marks.If a woman appeared stretch marks, it is not smeared or problem areas at all, or save money when buying and bought cheap instead of expensive brand.In fact, the role of the cream in this matter is negligible, but the significant role of genes.Ask as was the case with the skin after pregnancy, your mother, grandmother.Most likely you expect the same.Will there be on the skin of the abdomen, chest, buttocks and thighs stretching, it depends on your skin type, and not on whether you have a cream and not on its price.

Do I need during pregnancy, use only special cosmetics for pregnant women?During pregnancy (as well as before and after it) is necessary to use a good makeup.Most likely, the dry skin of hands would do well your "everyday" cream, and hair loss will reduce the timely reception of good vitamin complexes.There are women for whom the status of the future mother is very important, and they are doing their best to emphasize his.If you already have the most presence of "special" on your cosmetics shelf gives you joy, use it to health.It is no worse and no better than the truth of the rest.

fifth myth.Not painted, not to cut

very common myth.You can not be painted, my mother will tell you, because the paint - it is harmful to the fetus, paint "rests" on the hair, etc.Granny explains that it is impossible to get a haircut, because it takes away from the child health (intelligence, strength).There will also be rejected nail polish, deodorant, cosmetics and perfumes.Do not be surprised then that others will look at you with pity and sympathy, "Yes, pregnancy is not all graces."In fact, the split ends of the hair, 5 centimeters unpainted "roots", well-groomed hands and the smell of sweat adorn anyone.

harmful to the paint to the fetus?No.Firstly, modern paint and hair dyes period of your youth, mothers and grandmothers - are two different things.Even perhydrol only dangerous for your skin and hair of your head, no more.Every day we unwittingly and unknowingly, are faced with a mass of harmful substances.But our body is sufficiently protected and able to cope with the negative factors, but one of the functions of the placenta - not to miss the harmful substances to the fetus.

Unfortunately, pregnancy is not always in the color of the hair is obtained the desired result.However, this figure can only be a practical way.The problem can also become a "Aggravated" smell, nausea, and beauty salons are always full of different smells.But communication with the hairdresser and manicurist if desired and necessary, can be organized at home.

Myth Six.About stress

stress for pregnant very harmful.

With this statement hardly argue.Persistent and severe stress at all for anybody not helpful.But if you think about it, every day gets people in a lot of small, minor, and sometimes even forgettable stressful situations.This is normal.The human body can and should periodically receive a dose of adrenaline in the blood.When we are talking about some heavy stress situations, they are not important, and your attitude towards them.Regular meditation on the theme "Do not bring it harm my baby" is much worse than the short-term emotional jolt.Want to positive and positive emotions?Tell yourself that you have in any case, all will be well.

Myth of the seventh.Pregnancy - is not a disease

It's true.However, pregnancy is a fairly heavy load on the body of a woman, so in this period may worsen your chronic illness or be new.A mother's illness may have a negative effect on the prenatal development of the child.So watch your well-being and listen to the recommendations of watching your pregnancy doctor.

Myth eighth.Women's counseling - Resident Evil.All doctors - reinsurers

Unfortunately, this myth is only partially true.Service antenatal poor.But today, you can not just select another doctor for the management of pregnancy, unless your like.You can select and other medical institutions.Treat safely to the number of tests that you have to pass, and the number of specialists who have to visit: this is the standard scheme of pregnancy.But the appointment you any drugs to be vigilant.There are no "just in case" can not be, because the pregnancy - this is a normal physiological state.Consequently, for the purpose of any tablets you must be a reason.If you are still unsure, and your doctor think you reinsurer, please consult the other.It is unlikely that several specialists at the same time will be reinsured.

Myth ninth.Courses for pregnant women should be sure to visit

Rather truth than myth.If you do not visit them, accidents will happen.But the courses will tell you how the birth, how to behave during labor, attempts, learn to breathe correctly, to lose fear, etc.Visit classes should definitely those who plan to give birth with her husband.

By the choice of courses should be taken carefully.Ideally, this should be a lesson for couples, not just for pregnant women.Well, if the courses are not only talk about childbirth, but also about how to feed and care for the child.If the classroom you one way or another trying to suggest that giving birth at home is only that in the hospital you will only rudeness doctors struggle with their ignorance and caesarean section one hundred percent of the cases, is urgently looking for other courses.

Myth tenth.You can not buy a dowry for the baby in advance

possible and necessary.Of course, none of us is immune from the tragic accident.But the percentage of infant mortality does not correlate with the percentage of people who buy children's things in advance.The reality is that after delivery deal with the situation in the nursery, selection of strollers, baby clothes, will not have time.If, however, for whatever reason, you absolutely do not want to buy children's clothes before delivery, just select them and make a detailed list of family.A few days to make the purchase as per your clear instructions, they will.However, things for myself - disposable pants, pads, nursing bra - is to take care all the same and the most advance.

Myth eleventh.Healthy woman with a normal pregnancy may give birth at home

Theoretically, yes.Almost as a result of these healthy women with normal pregnancy delivered ambulance to the nearest hospital.There are times when the account goes on a minute - those who have enough to carry a woman from the family room to the operating room, but not enough to reach the hospital.From these situations, no one is immune.And in any case in hospitals is not very glad "nedorozhavshim home" - no one likes to correct the mistakes of others.If you are on a home birth, choose well experienced midwife, be sure to keep yourself fully executed at the exchange card and find, just in case "their" doctor in the nearest hospital.It was near, because in critical situations on the other end of town you do not hit the ambulance.Alternate airport must always be.

Myth twelfth.After delivery, I will keep the old way of life

No.There are many ways to facilitate the early years of his life in a new status, to make themselves more mobile, etc.But the former way of life is not accurate.Take it as a given.Life after birth is very different.Not necessarily worse.Just the other.Yes, you can start work in the first month of your child's life, you can go with him to rest.But the organization of these processes will be quite different.

Myth thirteenth.I manage all very

failed.Anyway child care takes a lot of time.You can of course 18 hours a day to spend on the child, and the remaining 6 - cleaning, washing, cooking and shopping, but in this case, exhaustion, nervous and physical, will overtake you very quickly.There are two ways out of the situation: either someone is engaged in housekeeping for you, or you're doing it, but three to four times less than before the birth.Try not to react to the fiery speeches of your mothers, grandmothers and mother that they once coped with everything themselves.Better to remember his childhood: surely it turns out that instead of your mother engaged grandmother, aunt and grandmother instead, etc.In a word, they also helped with regularly.

Myth fourteenth.I know all about the children (I helped to nurse all his relatives, courses, magazines, books and chat with my mother / grandmother / mother-prepared me for life with a child)

not know.Let us take it for granted.The degree of responsibility for their own and other children of different orders of magnitude.Remember the Little Prince and the Rose.You now have their own, and it is more important than all the neighbor's rose garden together.

courses, magazines and books have given you a lot of useful information.But young parents will always be issues on which there is no answer.After all, in the books written about children in general and not specifically about your child.The rich experience of relatives usually lies in nurturing and educating only you personally.In an extreme case, even a couple of your brothers and sisters.But since then, many years have passed, and much has been forgotten.Do not neglect using older, but do not rely on them completely.You raise her child and to take the decision to you.

Margarita Polyakova

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