How to increase computer speed: be replaced

Anyone, even the most distant from the computer technology people know that one of the most important characteristics of a computer is the speed of their tasks.It should only be considered comprehensively, as is the resulting sum of the performance of individual computer components.That is why the user is interested in how to increase the speed of your computer, typically seeks to find out how to raise the performance of a particular component, not the whole system.This feature must be considered.Due to the block device to increase the performance of your computer quite capable of every owner of a computer.To do this, just need to know which component works fast enough.Before we tell you how to increase the speed of your computer, let's get to the components that affect the final performance.

heart of any computer - CPU.It determines how fast mathematical calculations will be carried out and, accordingly, all of the programs.Indicate what is the best processor, it is not possible, as it is quite a complex electronic component with a number of features.You can stick to the general rule: the greater the number of cores (multi-core model) and the clock speed, the better.Currently, the lower borderline of acceptability is a dual model with at least 2 GHz.This is one of the most effective ways of how to improve the performance of your computer.Since the replacement of the CPU is connected with financial expenses, you can save considerably, taking the opportunity of overclocking.Many motherboards allow you to increase the clock frequency beyond the nominal value, with the result that the operating frequency of the processor increases.This process is called "acceleration" or "overclocking".Give clear instructions on how to increase the speed of your computer through the acceleration is not possible, since, depending on the motherboard manufacturer, processor type and BIOS version, these settings can "roam" from one branch to another.General procedure is as follows: when you turn on your computer you need to go into the BIOS (frequent pressing DEL), find the setting mode of the processor and increase CPU Clock (first a little, then more, until stability is maintained in the work).Recently, the opportunity is increasingly blocked by the manufacturers.

Besides the processor, a huge impact on productivity has a memory.In modern systems, there is an unwritten rule: memory must be an even number, because only in this case, the dual-channel mode is activated, and the capacity increases.The maximum increase in performance is provided when the modules are identical (one series of one volume).In many computer tasks with two modules is faster than a similar single-module, even if the amount of memory in the second over.In addition, the rate affects memory frequency, the higher it is, the better.Sometimes the BIOS forcibly exposed underestimated the frequency, so to increase the speed select the appropriate options.

Anyone who has some time studying how to increase computer speed, knows how important the speed of the disk subsystem.You can recommend two ways to solve: Raid array to collect or use solid species (SSD) drives.

Gamers can increase the comfort of the gameplay, if you replace an outdated graphics card.Consultants in stores are usually loyal to customers, so you just ask for "a video card for gaming."Enthusiasts might be interested in the system SLI (connection of two video cards) or multi-chip solutions.