How to update a torrent?

Since the time when the speed of the Internet has ceased to be calculated in kilobits, became popular torrent trackers.Many computer users use torrents to share information, but very few people understand the principle of operation of this system.In the first place - is a program through which the injection and return the files from your computer.But first things first.

Torrent - a peer, a special protocol, which was developed by Bram Cohen.Originally it was developed for the quick transfer of large files between two computers.The word "peering" refers to the fact that the file transfer does not require a server.You want to install on your computer special client that periodically need to update it!You can now distribute files or accept them.

But not so fast.The exchange takes place through special trackers - sites that conducted the so-called distribution.Going to one of these sites, you can select the desired file.And download it at the highest possible speed.By clicking on the tracker on the "Download" button, you get a small file to your computer to be opened through a special program.But before that, it is recommended to update the torrent.

Once in hand, the first thing you need to make sure that it maintains a sufficient amount of seeders.Siderov - people who have a complete copy of the file and ready to give you download it.It is based on this and the ability to transfer and share files via torrent.One gives the other shakes.And on hand can be a lot of seeders, so your download speed will be limited to the Internet channel.The role of the torrent tracker - distribute seeders and peers so that file sharing was quickly and efficiently.But for better racing on torrent connections you need broadband Internet.If you have any problems with downloading, you can try to update the torrent.

How does this look in practice?Let's say you want to download new movies torrent, you go to the tracker, are searching for the name of the hands, shake your torrent file and all.But before that it must be installed on your PC a special program through which the file can be opened.

It so happens that the tracker laid hand in which the files are periodically supplemented, such as the case with serials, which are added to the new series.To download the missing files, you just need to update the torrent.

As you see, the torrent trackers allow you to exchange large files in two clicks of the mouse.All the albums of music, you can now download at high speed.All movies and games are also available.But do not forget the copyright.Torrent trackers it is actively violated, the state is trying to prevent this, but at the moment all else fails.It is not known how will fare with this matter in the future, but closing the torrent trackers entail serious restrictions of access to content.

By the way, torrent trackers overshadowed various file sharing.In addition, its unique content, you can create your own distribution, it is enough to update the torrent.Due to its high speed, it is possible to download the torrent movies in high definition.