An effective exercise to improve diction.

good diction, precise pronunciation of sounds and a pleasant tone of voice are the key to success in many areas of modern life.Unique voice data is very rarely given to man by nature.However, this skill can be learned at any age, if you regularly carry out exercises to improve diction.When you eliminate the defects of speech, you will not worry about public speaking, and will communicate more freely in an informal setting.Perhaps, then go up and your career.Remember that at any place and in any profession distinguish people who are able to express their thoughts in a beautiful and concise manner.In this article, we present a simple but effective exercises to help improve diction of speech.

articulation exercises

We often hear about the benefits of physical exercise for human health.However, few people think that the articulation device also requires constant training.During the exercise, to improve diction, only 10-15 minutes a day, you can achieve very good results.Start your day with this gymnastics - and very soon you will notice how the muscular system strengthened the tongue, lips and cheeks.Articulating the unit will be more flexible, and we - clearly.

  • «Fence" - somknite teeth and smile broadly.Hold this position ten seconds and return to starting position.Make sure that a good view of the upper and lower row of teeth.Repeat several times.
  • «Tube" - without opening the teeth, lips pull ahead.You can thus pull the sound "oo-oo-oo-oo" ten seconds.Repeat the exercise.
  • «needles" - open your mouth and pull as far as possible sharp tongue.Hold this position for five seconds and relax your muscles.Repeat several times.
  • «Damn" - show her reflection language, putting it on her lower lip, and doing as much as possible.Repeat.
  • «licks his lips" - relax your jaw and try to hold it in one position.Obliznite upper lip, pulling the language as much as possible.Repeat the same operation with the lower lip.
  • «Swing" - touch the tongue alternately upper and lower lips.Perform the exercise at a slow pace and try not to move your chin.
  • «Hamster" - Close the lips and tongue to push inside the cheek for five seconds.Repeat manipulation and on the other cheek.

Proper breathing

Few people pay attention to their posture, frequency of breaths while interacting with other people.It's a pity!These factors play an important role for raising a beautiful voice and clear pronunciation of words.Do this exercise every day, to improve diction.

exercises breaths

  • Starting position: Stand up straight, put your hands on the waist, and your feet shoulder-width apart.Just slightly open mouth and took a slow breath, as if overcoming resistance.When you start getting, complicating the task.For example, during exhalation read any stanza.Then try this exercise, combined with walking or squatting.
  • Return to the starting position, take a relaxing breath, slowly bending forward.At the same time pay attention to the back, which should be a straight line.On the exhale, begin to rise and pull the sound "th-th-th."

10 exercises to improve diction, and tone of voice

  1. his chin to his chest and begin to move the lower jaw left and right.The exercise is performed slowly and without any sudden movements.
  2. Starting position: back straight, head and folded down.Slowly pull the jaw forward, and recovered as much as possible back.
  3. folded his arms and slowly lean forward, while saying the sound "oo-oo-oo-oo" in a low voice.
  4. Stretch lips into a wide smile and open the teeth.Start language from right to left to drive, relax facial muscles.
  5. Pull the tongue and slide it across the outside of the upper and lower teeth.Repeat several times.
  6. Pull the tongue forward so that he looked like a bowl.Repeat.
  7. Do not forget about the role of a beautiful posture in the formulation of the question.Always make sure that the position in which is your back.To help you understand how difficult it is, put on the head of a number of books and walk with them across the room.Try being in this position, read the text or poem.
  8. read the text in the teeth holding a pen or pencil.Try to say as clearly as possible the individual words and sounds.Repeat this exercise every day for 15 minutes.
  9. Read in the fast and slow tempo, loud and low voice.
  10. complicate the previous exercise.Read verses, when jumping on a skipping rope, or while walking.Be careful not to shoot down the breathing and intonation kept pause.


Work out the pronunciation of individual sounds using special rhymed phrases or chistogovorok.They repeatedly found the same consonant, and you can easily learn how to pronounce difficult sounds.Do these exercises every day for diction.

Useful tips on how to improve the clarity of diction and speech are given below.Start with pronunciation chistogovorok at a slow pace.Speak to every sound, pay attention to the difficult combination of clarity and check their pronunciation.To avoid mistakes, listen to the announcers record with the correct pronunciation.At the end of each training record yourself on tape, pointed out the mistakes and achievements.

Tongue Twisters

familiar to all from childhood exercise, to improve diction, is a very effective tool for achieving this goal.Pronouncing difficult sounds and combinations, you learn to clear and clear pronunciation.Read patter is very slow, so to try to imagine a picture, which tells the story poem.After that, try to slightly increase the pace.Be sure to say out loud, but if you start to get off, then immediately back to a slow pronouncing.After a while you will notice how unruly sounds will be pronounced easily.


you make a big mistake if you think that people see only the information that is embedded in your speech.Really captures the listener's attention tone with which she speaks.Learn how to say phrases impressively, raising and lowering his voice.Only when you do accents and pauses, spokesman appreciate fully your comments.

exercises diction.Useful tips on how to improve diction

  • Start with simple exercises and gradually increase the complexity.
  • Use every minute of free time for training.Only in this way you will be able to quickly achieve their goals.
  • practice regularly without major interruptions.Record
  • small performances on the recorder or camera.View videos, shows a positive change and consider the points on which you will work in the future.
  • Read literature about how to improve diction.Exercise should be varied, otherwise you will quickly lose interest and threw classes.
  • not neglect the help of specialists and teachers who can offer you a useful exercise to improve diction and correct common mistakes for beginners.
  • If you have the opportunity to enroll in acting classes, do so immediately.Classes help you liberate speech, movements and gestures.Also, you will learn how expressive declamation and cease to fear public speaking.