Scoring - what's that?

Creasing - is the process of applying linear grooves on the printed sheet.They are put on paper in the form of distinct ridges that run along the lines of folding.

necessity of scoring is determined by adding the significant simplification through the cardboard or paper with a weight of 150 g / m2.Produced in the process of scoring groove is called the "big" and allows you to easily and smoothly turn down one side of the sheet.

Scoring - it is an operation that is possible to produce not only paper, but with different materials.For example, the laminated sheets are subject to creasing, bound cardboard, plastic sheet, many kinds of films.

difference from creasing folding

Folding, perforation, and creasing - the process used in the production of advertising and stationery.These processes are essential for the production of invitations and tickets, gift boxes and packages, as well as for the production of a large amount of printed material.

In the printing industry the word "creasing" should not be confused with the folding.These processes are quite different on different hardware and in sequence.

As a rule, creasing - a process that precedes folding.Conducting scoring facilitates the handling during folding.

folding method is achieved by the formation of a notebook or other printed products of already printed sheets.Folding possible to achieve successive folds.Using this method, you can easily create multiple notebooks brochure, book or magazine.

fold effect on the result of the thickness and volume of paper, humidity and the direction of the fibers to the fold, the number of folds and folding method.When

produce scoring

Scoring replaces the conventional technology of bending with the existence of the possibility of distortion of the image on a sheet of drawing or using cardboard products.Determine the need for it is necessary in the prepress level to make special marks in the layout.

Scoring - a process that protects the place fold from cracking paint and attached printed edition neat appearance.

action is carried out using blunt disk knives or rectangular plates installed on the scoring machine.The workflow engine performs indentation and seal material.

Scoring Equipment divided into rotary and percussion.Shock is usually used in the production of low-circulation, as well as rotating equipment is indispensable for the implementation of large-scale works.

Manual mode creasing

If location Biga line perpendicular to the paper fibers should be used manual scoring.Application manual method allows you to get a clear fold lines and prevent the sheet from unwanted creases.

Scoring manual method used in the issuance of small quantities of products or the issuance of an exclusive edition.Hand scoring method, in accordance with the complexity, is more expensive machine.

tool for creasing

Conditionally creasing tools differ in the bend, that is, there are tools for applying the fold lines on the inner side of the sheet or on the outside.

Board for scoring sold separately, and buy it can not only printing company.Easy to use and there are no restrictions on the format of the sheet allows its use for large format.

The kit includes a special board triangle used for the production of envelopes, varying in length and width.Board comprises applying markup.