Articulation - what is it?

Language is the main body of the speech, helping to pronounce sounds and words.Despite the fact that he had no bones, it still needs to be trained.Indeed, thanks to him we can say, and to do it right, necessary articulation exercises.If the training is given little time and attention, the adult and the child can not communicate with all properly.The result is a violation of the psychological and emotional level.Acquire a variety of complexes.

Therefore it is important to engage with their children from an early age.Gymnastics, which includes exercises on articulation, significantly helps in this regard.Two-year children begin to talk faster, and the older kids in his speech correct existing shortcomings.

Adults also need to develop during the life of his speech.To do this, it is important to a lot of reading aloud, use different exercises.

tasks for the development of speech

1. Articulation - what is it?First, it helps.It helps to correct and prevent the incorrect pronunciation of speech.In addition, improved speaking skills.

2. Education literate speech.

3. It is necessary to replenish the vocabulary as an adult and a child.

4. The development of auditory attention, as well as phonetic hearing.

Exercises for development of speech

Articulation - what is it?At its core, this is correct operation of language and vocal cords.Hence, it is necessary to improve these muscles, that they are not weak.In this regard, employment should be carried out on a daily basis to tone bodies involved in the pronunciation of sounds, words.Time such studies take a little.Otherwise, the children quickly get tired and do not want to deal with.Adults are by virtue of their employment will not be able to spend a lot of time on their cultivation.The complexity of the exercise is chosen depending on the level at which a person is at the moment.

Regular classes

articulation of speech sounds have to be performed in a certain sequence.When it comes to children, it is preferable to take into account the age of the child.It is to begin to tell him stories and fairy tales, theme corresponding exercises.Then it is already possible to show the technique of execution itself.Then the kid to try again, while controlling the movement of the organs of speech in the mirror.It is important at this moment to watch him, to immediately correct the existing errors.

adult is also required to do the exercises in front of a mirror, trying to carry out all right.Speak the syllables, sentences, controlling the process.

When can I start doing?

When it comes to children, training can begin with three months.There simply are pronounced different sounds.Phonetics helps the child learn to distinguish the tone of voice.When it begins to babble the child, there is a next step.There have spoken words, sounds.Once the baby has learned to speak, begins a serious articulation of speech sounds.

Adults program is much more complex and extensive.Here there is a trend not only in the development of speech, but also on its improvement.

For the pronunciation of sounds

common problem - pronunciation sound "P".For it is necessary to deal with exceptions for ten minutes every day.Of course, it is better to begin the fight against childhood.Classes help baby become tongue flexible, agile, and also contribute to easy pronunciation of other sounds.It is important, first of all, think of a scenario that the child was interested in, and then the game is already underway.

1. The essence of the first exercise - it is to imagine that the baby rides a horse.Should ask him: "You know, she clicks her hooves?".Let your child repeat the adult sound clatter of horse hooves.

2. The next exercise - a smooth transition from the first.Here, the child is already in the backyard and sees a turkey.We need to ask: "How to talking this bird?" "Bl-Bl-Bl" baby should be repeated for adults.

3. Then there is exercise, where the tongue has become a naughty, like a ball.Ask your child to determine where his mouth "floor" and "ceiling".Let him jump tongue like a ball, taking them one by one.

pronunciation of sounds in adults

When a trained vocal apparatus there is a good articulation.What is it pronounced surrounding understands.To clear speech, there are also special exercises.

1. It is necessary to raise eyebrows, squint, used and sharply.Then he pulled his lips into a tube, and then smile.This helps control the muscles of the face.

2. The next task - you need to move your jaw apart.Opening his mouth, we should start to move the jaw to the right and then to the left.Then pronounce the different syllables, changing the tone of voice.

3. Then start to yawn, while uttering sounds "AAX", "Oxx", "Uhh."

4. It is also necessary to recite aloud the poems, short stories and prose.It helps develop the clarity, which is why the articulation of speech and the right to be beautiful.

exercises in verse

Articulation - what does it mean?Most likely, then, when adults and children are correctly say, noises, phonetics at the same time clear and understandable.In this connection should be taught different poems, tell stories.If the classes are conducted with children, toys that help to come up with sketches and use them to play the story.It is possible to organize concerts at home to baby, standing in the center, recited poems, sang songs, or just chat with everyone.For adults, this method will also be liberated, to train his speech, to get rid of many complexes, for example, do not hesitate to speak in public.The main thing is to give lessons a long time and have a great desire to speak correctly.