What is a brochure today?

impossible to imagine life today without advertising.This is the main part of the marketing system, without which none of the world-famous company failed to achieve sales growth and popularity.To improve the competitiveness of their products in advertising today needs every producer of commodities regardless of activity: from a small firm, stamp plastic utensils, to giant corporations that produce airliners and ships.And if the company needs the publicity, the surest way to express yourself - is to create a printed advertisement.These include a variety of leaflets, flyers, magazines, ads in the media.In this article, we will focus on what a booklet on how to create your own at home.

little history

first time such a non-periodical publication came about in the XVIII century in France, and was a small book, without a thick binder.Due to the current at the time the political situation polygraphy evolved by leaps and bounds, because it was then that there was a need for mass circulation propaganda literature that would cost, and quality attract customers.And so was the invention booklet printing capacity from 6 to 48 pages connected by means of staples, helical wires or special thread for weaving.The word "brochure" in French means "to sew" that, in principle, perfectly characterizes the appearance of the thematic issues.

use today

What brochure today?If during the time of its appearance brochure was used exclusively for the campaign, but now increasingly the printing unit is used as advertising.However, in the period of political races before the election, it is used again for the same purpose as the very first edition, namely, attracting the interest of the masses to a particular leader and idea.The same need to save led to the fact that today the brochure can also be an educational tool, price to price, scientific work or accounting reports.

How to make a brochure

Before development, you must determine the purpose for which you are creating this mini-book.After all, to a greater extent the design of the printing unit is depends on its purpose.Brochure Offer should be made so that at first sight a potential customer could appreciate the benefits of the acquisition of advertising goods.Advertising printing must comply with the company's corporate colors.What does it mean?Each of us paid attention to the fact that banks and supermarkets handing out leaflets, decorated in the same style as the facilities of these institutions.It is not a coincidence, because it is so visual memory is activated by which information is perceived faster and remembered better.

addition to color choices, you also need to decide on the format and method of attachment brochure pages.It is believed that the most affordable cover - clips or plastic brochure.However, the simplest version of this publication does not imply any fasteners.His printed on A4 sheets are folded and after 3 or 4 times the accordion.

How to create a layout

What booklet - is understandable, but how to do it yourself?At home, you will be able to create only the most primitive form of brochures without sewn or fastened pages.But often, in order to have something to advertise, that such an option is enough.So, will work in the program Word.When you create a new document in the proposed list of templates, you must select a brochure.Depending on the version of the program will be offered several options for registration.Then it is up to small: just something to insert your own text, pictures and other pre-prepared items, start printing.It is worth noting here as nowhere else will be useful skills in working with pictures, in particular, to their placement on the text.

What booklet everyone knows.And now many of those who read this article will be able to create their own advertising, without resorting to printing companies, which greatly save the budget at the initial stage of business development.