Voice - it's ... How to keep the voice?

Every person is different.We see it every day all around us people.Other facial features different characters, different tastes.But whatever it was, and the appearance and character of the subject to age-related changes: people age externally with age acquire new positive or negative qualities of character.But there is one characteristic that causes a lot of interesting discussions and disputes.That voice!

Voice - the only human quality that is virtually unchanged over the life, except at puberty.Indeed, the human voice is interesting to study, the voice and the secret of his save a large amount of written material.

What voice?

From birth, each of us has individual characteristics of voice and speech.Many people voice quality gains as a result of certain habits or lifestyle factors.

Voice - a common sound, thanks to which people communicate with other people.If we talk about the physiology of the voice, it is necessary to address to experts in the field - phonology.They study the characteristics and properties of the voices sound formation, voice defects and disease voice.

Why do I need it?

Certainly, there are people who ask what the man such a feature?Voice - is a powerful tool with which the person has the opportunity not only to transmit information, but also to express their emotions, to give the conversation a certain character.For example, there is such a thing as "emotional coloring".Listen to voice intonations, the listener can learn the attitude to the interlocutor explained to them the material.Increased tone of voice can mean joy, or resentment, and low - longing or contempt.

In addition, the nature of the conversation, too, is determined by the character of the voices.For example, a muffled conversation could be a sign that the sides discuss any personal theme and do not want to hear their neighbors.

Types voice

If plunge deeper into the study of this characteristic, it is possible to know that the voice - a multilevel structure, which has its own division.Phonology, and people familiar with the specifics of education to vote (for example, actors and singers) are aware of such a thing as resonators.What it is?This cavity in the human body, through which the sound is reflected and thereby increases.

There are three main types of voices: the head, the chest and the middle (called differently).Each of them got its name from the type resonators.Head-resonators - a maxillary sinuses, for example.A breast refers to the chest.

head voice - this voice type, resulting in the high register (in the head cavities).Typically, these are the voice for the negative connotation of speech, trying to strengthen a poor impression of someone or to emphasize its shortcomings.

chest voice is used to give importance, formally or greatness.How to change the tone of the parents in reading fairy tales.Wolf tells them low and gruff voice, and the little mouse - a high squeaky.

Voice midrange - it's the everyday sounds we hear every day.

What does the word "voice"?

modern meaning of the word "voice" is very diverse.In order to clarify what it means, it is necessary to look into the Dictionary.The first word will explain the notation that the voice is a collection of sounds extracted using human vocal apparatus.

addition to the direct meaning of the word "voice" has a number of portable.For example, a voice - a human right in the election, the voice can be called multiple threads simultaneously sounding voice ("voice of the people").

voice problems, their causes and remedies

Like any other instrument, the voice is a fragile entity that is subject to a variety of problems, such as hoarseness or siplosti.

husky voice - a "headache" of all those who frequently uses it: singers, actors and politicians.This problem occurs as a result of stress or excessive surge vocal cords.In this case, phonology recommend calm, warm and drink plenty of liquids, as well as relaxing and sedatives.

To save voice doctors recommend not supercool the vocal cords: Do not get involved in a cold drink and a cool time wearing scarves.