Why iPhone is not connected to WiFi

So today we'll look to you situations where iPhone is not connected to WiFi.This problem has become quite topical lately.The matter is that a lot of reasons why we are now acquainted.The main thing - do not panic and do not think that the gadget should be thrown away and buy a new one.Let's find out why the iPhone is not connected to WiFi.

Out of range

Let's start with the most common cause of the problem.This - nothing else like finding a gadget out of the network.After all, any Wi-Fi has its own radius of "defeat".It is necessary to deviate from it - and you can lose Internet.Therefore, users have reported that iPhone is not connected to WiFi.

Luckily, you can quickly and easily fix.Let's start with what we come to power Wi-Fi closer.And so we were with you in the zone of "defeat".After that, you need to enable Wi-Fi in the iPhone, and then finding the network that we connect.Remember: if you are in range, then you will soon find an appropriate name Wi-Fi.Click on it and wait for a while.That's all the problems are solved.Now you know what to do if the iPhone is not connected to WiFi.But that's not all possible scenarios.There are a number of more complex situations.And now we get acquainted with all of them.

Incorrect data

your iPhone is not connected to your home WiFi?Then it makes sense to check how accurately and correctly, you have entered the password for the connection.This scenario, as you might guess, applies only to the protected "wi-fi" -net.After all, for joining them is necessary to introduce a special secret combination, or simply a password.

Here you can get in two positions.First - this is when you are the owner of the Wi-Fi.In this case it is sufficient to double-check the correctness of the entered data, to correct any errors and retry the connection.After eliminating typos everything will work fine.Well and good.The second scenario - you are connected to a foreign network.In cases where the owner has given you permission to do so, you can ask again in his password, and then attempts to resume work with the Internet.When you are trying to secretly connect to a foreign network, it is necessary to stop trying.All the same, the correct password guessing is very, very difficult.That's all the problems are solved.Thus, if the iPhone 4S is not connected to WiFi (or any other of its model), you can do some work with the data entered when you connect.Very often, this option works well.

Do not always depend on the situation and the user's login password.Much more often people are faced with more serious problems when trying to connect any gadget to the "Wai-Faya".What is it?Let us try to understand this fact.

Crashes systems

For example, if iPhone is not connected to WiFi, you can try to restart both the gadget - and telephone and modem.Sometimes the cause of this behavior may be the most common systemic failure.This is not the most dangerous, but very unpleasant situation.

Fortunately, it is eliminated relatively easily, quickly and simply.In truth, if you have any problems connecting to the Internet, from that point you can start a fight with the situation.Most people usually do not attach importance to system crashes and reboots.And for good reason.Sometimes only the move can help you correct the situation in which the iPhone 4 is not connected to WiFi (or any other model of the gadget).

But do not think that all the problems on this end.In contrast, the most serious and widespread causes of this kind of behavior is just beginning.And now we get to know them and learn how to deal with the lack of internet connection.


If the iPhone 5 is not connected to WiFi (or any other gadget), try to find out what the specific model in front of you - the original or not.Very often all the problems with the equipment arise from the most common fakes.And this version of events, to be honest, is very common in the modern world.

Here you have two moves.First - this is when you do not unknowingly purchased a "pirate" version of the gadget in the ordinary shop.Then rather come back with all the documents confirming the purchase of falseness, and the transaction with the store.Announce your intention to change to the original gadget.After all, that's why iPhone is not connected to WiFi.In general, you are required to replace the gadget.Only occasionally workers refuse to do it.In this case, the court will have to scare them, and maybe even file a lawsuit.

The second scenario - it is when you knowingly bought fake.Most of these shops do not provide any guarantees for their equipment.So we have to include or iPhone repair, or replace it with a new one.In this case, the original buy gadgets.For only they can give you real guarantees on their work.But do not stop at this point.We have another option in which the iPhone is not connected to WiFi.


course, with the development of technology began to develop so-called viruses.Now, they are distributed not only on computers but also on smartphones.And it is this kind of contagion becomes a source of so many problems with the gadgets.Of course, this refers to the models that work with the network, and also have at sites loaded with papers.

general now diagnose the virus is very simple.For this purpose, as a rule, there are special telephone antivirus program.Fix yourself this scenario is possible, but it is very difficult.Sometimes these steps are not justified.If you have any suspicions that the iPhone is not connected to WiFi because of a virus attack, it is best to take your gadget to professionals and explain the situation.They tend to be faster and better cope with your problem.


So, today we have learned with you the reasons why iPhone can not connect to the Internet via the "wi-fi".As you can see, the possible scenarios are very, very much.And most of them removed a lot easier than it may seem at first glance.

To be honest, when suspected serious problems with iPhones is best to consult specialists in the service centers.Only there you will be able to provide valuable assistance.