reliable, loyal and faithful - because in Arabic it sounds beautiful name.

Amin.Value.Name and character

And all my life woman who was honored to get the name of Amin, confirms it by his actions.What is the name Amina?This faithful friend, a caring and gentle daughter, employee responsible, faithful wife.Always the first to come to the aid, it can actually be relied upon.Outstanding intellectual ability and high work capacity allow it to make a very successful career.Diligent worker, does not recognize all of the surface, does everything efficiently.On top of patience and perseverance distinguish women named Amina from other members of the fairer sex.At this lady lovely manners and sense of humor that often helps her to become a general favorite.

Amin.Value.Name and love

This woman, like no other need for warmth, care and understanding.But often for other people's sorrows, for the decision of other people's problems (or simply plunged headlong into the job) Amin forgets about himself and his personal life.It is delicate and vulnerable.It's easy to offend, though she is not vindictive and easily appeased, would not harass a hatred of others.At times the girl may flare up, but the family is the most important thing in her life, so easy to forgive the wrongs of Amin.This soft on the nature of the girl is able to adapt to their loved ones, especially by her man, for it is capable of Amin to radically change their lives.In addition, it is a caring and loving mother who loves her children.Another translation of the name sounds as "homemakers".

Amin.Value.Name and the number of showers: 5

It means independence and freedom.Relying only on their experience, not listening to advice from outside, these ladies often act impulsively, once made, not a hundred times think.People with the number of the soul 5 love to travel around the world, adore adventures and adventure.Excitement and play - their way of life.All this makes the character of Amina controversial, but it always remains true to himself, his family and loved ones.This name symbolizes the beginning of everything, the desire to implement his plan, thirst comfort, comfort.Caring and shy - that's one of the main features of Amina.Its thin sincere organization often hidden from prying eyes calm and equanimity.Natura soft, dreamy and romantic.At the same time, it laid down a protest, her inquisitive mind criticizes everything, even herself.

Amin.Value.Name and talismans

Amina patronage of Venus.To her charms-plants include: iris, periwinkle, forget-me, Melissa, orchid.By charms, stones include: emerald, sapphire, beryl, carnelian, aquamarine, beryl.Copper and bronze are most preferred of the metals.Lucky colors: green, blue, pink and yellow.Zodiac: Taurus and Libra.

origin of the name Amin

Arabic.These are the guys name, derived from the male Amin or Emin.Girls in Muslim families called Amin in honor of the mother of the Prophet Muhammad, who was a role model for all women of their manners and character.