Right and wrong pentagram: the value of the sign of Baphomet

Pentagram, the importance of which we will find out in this article - is, above all, a pentagon.Each of its five-rays are arranged equal in height triangle.In a broad sense it is the most common five-pointed star.It is easy to portray even a child of six.However, it would be easy if not for one thing ... something our Asterisk is of two types: regular and inverted!It seems that here, "smacks of devilry", is not it?Let's find out what it means such variations image.

Pentagram: meaning of the symbol

This is one of the most ancient symbols.Most often it can be found in archaeological sites.The first mention of it as a symbol dating back to the 7th millennium BC!What do we say it is a five-pointed pentagram?The value of this character in different times and in different nations of their own.But why the number 5?The fact that this number was of (and is) of particular importance in the life of people.For example, we have just five fingers and five senses ... But this is not important.

ancient Sumerians, Indians and Pythagoras

Pentagram, whose value as a symbol known to all the people of the world, enjoyed great demand among the ancient Sumerians, the Babylonians, the Celts, Persians, Egyptians and the northern Native Americans (Indians).It is interesting that this symbol as a geometric figure interested philosopher and scientist Pythagoras.He said that it is a symbol of excellence and a pentagram made the hallmark of his school of philosophical and mathematical sciences.

Different nations traced these characters in their own way.For example, there are at least ten ways to image the five-pointed star in a circle.As mentioned above, the pentagram - the simplest form of a star with five ends that are pretty easy to draw a single stroke of the pencil without lifting it from the paper.Devotees of occultism pentagram on the share to create and destroy.The first drawn in a clockwise direction, and the second - against its direction.Such a pentagram and their values, of course, are diametrically opposed.What does it mean?

symbol person

The fact that in such sciences as numerology and magic, right pentagram (one on top of the beam, the bottom - two) is considered a symbol of man.In a five-pointed star drawn man with outstretched toward the arms and legs.

symbol of Satan

Incorrect pentagram (two beams on top of one - below) - a symbol of the devil and all the satanic world.In the inverted star is drawn goat's head.Each of its rays - it has its own elements: Fire, Water, Air, Earth, Spirit.Next, let's talk specifically about the Devil's Pentagram.

inverted pentagram: to "Goat of Mendes"

in the traditional sense "Goat of Mendes" or inverted pentagram - this is the most occult of all the images ever existed.In another way it is called sign of Baphomet.It is the main symbol of Satanism.This sign became official in 1966.The fact is that at this time, was founded the Church of Satan, the symbol of which is the sign of Baphomet.This, I may say, "church" is the official world organization.