How to reduce the calories in your favorite meal?

favorite skirt gets bad enough, but jeans are not fastened?It's time to lose weight!There are many diets, but what about those who are hard to limit the kinds of food?Our answer is: there is the usual favorite dishes, but to use the secrets to reduce calories in them!Is it possible?Yes, and it's easier to do than it sounds.Find out how - from the article below.

• Cook at home

buy ready-made dumplings, stuffed pancakes, pastries?Doing it at home with your own hands, you will significantly reduce their caloric content and, importantly, retain the nutrients!

• Pay attention to the labels

eat the same foods, but with a slightly lower fat.So, if you buy milk for coffee fat content of 3.5% or 3.7, replace it with an analogue 1.7% - differences you hardly notice.

You buy butter at 80% fat?Make it a rule to buy a pack with a fat content of 72%.The same applies to cheese, buttermilk, yogurt, sour cream, glazed cheese, cream.

course, one carton of milk or low-fat yogurt with the weather, as they say, do not do it, but if you take a habit to constantly buy less fatty dairy products, after some time, the result will be felt.

• Cook in the oven or double boiler

as rarely as possible, try to cook in a frying pan with sunflower oil.Vegetables may be prepared in a steamer, and meat and fish bake, adding only spices and salt.

• Grease the pan with oil, and do not put it

If frying in a pan you give are not ready, or at least leave the habit of pouring oil on it - the surface of the pan is better to oil (using a piece of gauze, for example).By the way, it's best to fry in a pan with ceramic non-stick coating - it requires a minimum amount of oil.

• Reduce the amount of sugar

Believe me, you hardly feel the difference (and if you feel it very soon cease to pay attention to it), if, instead of the traditional 2-3 spoons of sugar in coffee or tea will be put 1. By the wayfrom its addition in these drinks can and do refuse - this product will not suffer, because sometimes rasprobovat real taste of good tea or coffee just prevents excessive sweetness.But better not to use sugar substitutes - they increase appetite!

• Refuel salads in a new

Many can not imagine a salad without dressing or mayonnaise sunflower oil.Meanwhile, without these high-calorie salad dressings did not lose the taste.So, in the usual salad of cucumbers and tomatoes can not pour oil, add salt and leave it for 5-10 minutes - vegetables allocate juice, lettuce will not be as dry, but will not increase the calories!In fact, many salads can be charged with lemon juice - a delicious and non-nutritive Way!

Instead calorie mayonnaise, you can use sour cream or yogurt with low fat.In an extreme case, choose the mayonnaise with the minimum percentage of fat.

• Choose the right bread

Bread can also be very nutritious, especially white.Whenever possible, replace the usual loaf of rye loaves and the unleavened cakes.

• Buy lean meat and fish

completely abandon meat and fish, of course, not required, but to choose the chicken, rabbit, turkey, veal or beef instead of pork or duck fat is available to everyone.It's the same with the fish: fat herring, salmon and sturgeon caviar replace Heck, perch, pollock, shrimp and mussels.

By the way, there is another way to non-trivial (which will not reduce the calories, but will reduce the feeling of hunger) eat on plates of dark colors.It turns out, scientists have found that dark purple, black, brown, blue and cool shades plates unconsciously reduce the feeling of hunger, while the warm colors (especially red, orange and yellow) significantly increase his.

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