Properties chrysotile, stone-mascot unique beauty

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gems from ancient times attracted people's attention.They are used as decorations, gifts, talismans, amulets.It is believed that the stones, gems have useful properties that appear when worn.Ancient people noticed their magical properties.They are always respectful to the mysterious power stone.Correctly chosen natural mineral, can be healed by a number of diseases, as well as obtain protection.Stones react to treat them rights and can change color.Choosing should be based on their own feelings: the stone should please and attract the attention of its owner.


Stone, the magical properties which consist in warning its owner from evil deeds, gets its name from the word "Chrysos" in Greek means "gold."The mineral has a greenish color with a golden hue and transparent structure.Chrysolites evolved from a mineral called "olivine".There is another similar stone called 'peridot' - a kind of chrysotile.These minerals are silicates subclass island.Chrysolites Mongols gave the name "Dragon Stone", as they find it at the volcanoes Khangai Mountains.Lama healers and yogis believe in its beneficial effects.The properties of chrysotile, "Dragon Stone", allowing a positive effect on the emotional state of a person, say lithotherapists.It helps remove melancholy and will boost the sexual sphere.Contemplation stone refresh tired eyes.Wearing jewelry with him recommended for people with cardiovascular disease and suffering drops in blood pressure.It is known that in the treatment of stuttering is used beryl-stone.The properties of the mineral photo presented in this article.

talismans, amulets, jewelery mineral

Properties chrysotile, "Stone Dragon", you can use it as a talisman against fire, nightmares and fears.As a talisman mineral flatten or eliminate extraneous influence, will develop wisdom.He recommended to young people who lead active lifestyles, as well as to strengthen family relationships.The properties of chrysotile, with the golden glow of the stone, make him a talisman, good fortune in business, giving strength and vigilance.Bankers and businessmen, activity which is associated with monetary transactions, a mineral used as an amulet.It protects from dangerous relationships, dishonest partners material damage.Amulets of minerals protect against the evil eye and envy.Because of chrysotile make figures of animals, fish and put in a prominent place in the house.These talismans will bring well-being and prosperity.Astrologers prefer beryl because of the ability to sharpen anticipation and apprehension.The magical and healing properties of chrysotile, a stone with a characteristic golden hue attract connoisseurs of jewelry.Rings, earrings and pendants from this mineral in the evening will be the emerald green.Peridot protects people born under the sign of Pisces.The frequent disappointments will be returned to the representative sign of confidence in its former life.