How to defend against energy vampires?

How to defend against energy vampires?This burning question takes a lot of people in our turbulent times.But above all, you must understand who we are dealing with.

main energy vampire signs are not that complicated.It is believed that this is usually people from the inner circle.Being with him is unbearable.It feels like you are leaving and energy flows away somewhere.However, it would be wrong to assume that all vampires are trying deliberately to cause harm and pain.So how to protect themselves from energy vampires?And who are they?

Energy Vampires: how to recognize a "bloodsucker"?

The first thing to calculate a person who provokes you to the manifestation of negativity.Only then it would be appropriate to decide how to protect themselves from energy vampires.We should not forget that there are two basic types of people such as energy vampires.How to recognize them?The first type - the deliberate vampirism.These people deliberately provoke you are using another person's emotional resources to rebuild their.The second type - unintentional.These people do not realize what they are doing.They do not understand that their actions and words that cause mental suffering to man.How to protect yourself from energy vampires of both intentional and unintentional?In any case, whether the person is aware that he is "vampires" or not, the damage will be applied.And from him the necessary protection.

Not all people - energy vampires.There is a category of donors.Self defense is likely to cease to be a donor.To do this, we learn to recognize vampires.Usually it is intemperate, emotional people.A frequent symptom - the desire to constantly argue and debate, preferably in a raised voice, and with a maximum of emotions.Household vampires often use such techniques as causing self-pity, the pressure on the sense of duty or responsibility.

How to defend against energy vampires?

Initially, if you still feel the lack of energy, you can go to the doctor.Probably, the problem lies within the medicine.Poor nutrition, chronic fatigue, inactive, sedentary lifestyle - all of this has a negative effect on health.However, all these factors make a person more vulnerable to attack energy vampires.

necessary to maintain good physical shape, strengthen the immune system, follow the diet and healthy sleep.Then you are not afraid of vampires.If we talk about specific dealings with people, then you need to learn to be aloof, not to respond to provocation, not to conflict, and not to argue for argument's sake.The main objective of the vampire - warm human emotions get.The task of defending - not to succumb to provocation, does not irritate, keep cool and calm.

There are also non-verbal techniques - crossed arms or legs during intercourse produce psychological sense of security.One can imagine an invisible dome around and mentally ordered him to protect you from aggression energy vampires.During the communication are often advised to create a subtle mental screen.This method will help to distance themselves emotionally.It is important to know when to say "no."Uncomfortable request must be rejected, if you really do not want them to perform.Finally, try to avoid people-manipulators.Spending a little time on the observation of the surroundings, there are several potential vampires.It should, if possible, just to limit contact with them to a minimum.