Technique of speech - the art of saying nice.

How pleasant to listen to a man whose speech was competent and interesting at the same time.Unfortunately, such people are very few.Most often, the vast majority of tongue-tied, unable to build it correctly, both grammatically and stylistically, using poor vocabulary.And if such people have yet to speak to the public, the latter is regrettable.

Components beautiful speech

speech technique - a combination of several components, knowing that you can gradually learn this art.It includes several factors.And foremost among them - diction.Appliances speech would have been impossible without a clear pronunciation of sounds - vowels and consonants in particular.It seems that speak clearly and accurately - easily.In reality, the situation is exactly the opposite, and diction training may take some time.

In addition, it is important to be able to speak clearly and emotionally.That way you can control the audience and influence it.Impressively, it is capable of living people are so passionate about what they agree with all the arguments of the speaker, unwittingly.

And more.It is important to know what to say.Appliances speech hides a lot of nuances that simply need to be considered and to keep constantly in mind.

Maybe to a speech therapist?

It may be that you have to remember this expert, despite the fact that you have come out of the age where he is needed.Some people in the mouth a real mess, and some sounds are pronounced totally wrong.

Sometimes a single understanding of what you are doing wrong to start talking right.But often it happens that to correct the situation is very difficult, so do not even start.History knows many examples of well-known speakers who were undelivered sounds, but that did not stop them to win the audience.

go to the lesson of the Russian language?

But Russian language did not stop to think.Excellent speech technology is inconceivable without masterfully used their native language.We are very disfiguring and impoverish our speech, using words-parasites and improperly placing the accent.What to speak of ordinary man in the street when on television or on the radio - from the mouth of professional speakers or journalists - and then pouring mistakes.What follows from this?With modern television is harmful, even from the point of view of one speech technology.And nothing about the reliability of the information, and he does not want, the more that it is an entirely different topic of conversation.And therefore let us return to the issue before us.The concept is very capacious speech technology, but there are literacy ranks first.Do you want to be a really good speaker?Kindly proshtudiruyte relevant literature and learn to express thoughts competently, consistently, accurately and clearly.You may need to hire a tutor, but the effort is worth it.

And one more thing.Almost every one of us said very quickly, "eating" and the end of many words.In everyday life it is normal for there reigns a dialogue - not heard, you can ask again.Although, of course, we must strive to ensure that the spoken language and was clean and beautiful.Oh and on the podium and even more so!It is already one side is listening and thinking the, that he wanted to say, sometimes it is very hard.And what we see in reality?

Proper breathing

appears Appliances speech, breath, voice, diction - it's all a bunch of that to the exclusion of any element inevitably disintegrate.

breath usually causes a lot of confusion among the people.We all breathe, and without it we can not exist.What's so hard about that?However, there are difficulties, and considerable.He is like a singer or a musician playing a wind instrument that simply must be properly delivered breath.That it will help keep the clarity of the narrative, the right intonation, the voice will not be broken in the wrong place.

There are several types of breathing.Namely: the breast in which the shoulders are raised up, and abdominal diafragmentalnoe.As a rule, women are breathing breast, unlike men.Perhaps that is why among the beautiful half of humanity fewer good orators.After all, this art requires diafragmentalnoe breathing, that is, one in which the working aperture.

for his productions need to perform some simple exercise, but it is important to do it regularly.After a brief period of constant and persistent activities, which by their load are no different from the exercise, you will notice that breathing will become quite different.

How to train your breath?

Proper technique of speech includes daily exercise on the development and optimization of the respiratory system.We always talk on the exhale, and most importantly, that it was long, but not to bring us to the point of exhaustion.Unlike an exhalation breath must be short and vigorous.Otherwise would occur between words long awkward pauses.Although in themselves they, too, are essential for a beautiful speech, however, these gaps should not be prolonged.That's why you need to perform the exercises for a long breath, and the need to ensure that air fills an area of ​​the diaphragm, and then slowly, in portions consumed.You do not need to bring themselves to the point where people are already used up all the air, but goes on to say.It does not look very nice.It is better to stop and once again "take a breath".

Diction also requires training

Simultaneously with the performance of breathing exercises do not forget about diction.She should be given a small amount of time, 10-15 minutes daily.Very soon you will notice how your speech will be a coherent and well understood by others.There are many different exercises on diction.But first, you need a sober assessment of his speech.It's enough to just record your voice on tape, and then carefully listen to the recording.It would be nice to have someone else evaluate your diction may outsiders notice that escapes your attention and hearing.

So, pay attention to the following points:

  • consonants.What they are: correct or not, do not swallow them?
  • How sound soft consonants.
  • How do you pronounce the consonants at the junction of two words.
  • how to pronounce unstressed vowels.
  • How consonant sounds in different parts of the word.

Generally, you'll notice some common trend or an error.Perhaps other, listening to the recording, hear something else.All of this - a front for the upcoming work on voice and speech in general.

concept articulation

In general, we can say that the diction and articulation - are one and the same.There articulation muscles involved in the making of sound and need to be trained.These muscles form the correct sounds, which is why it is important that they are strong and powerful.

to strengthen them can and should carry a special charge, which includes a set of exercises for the tongue, jaw, lips, and even the cheeks.

can simply pokorchit faces, and then gently massage the cheeks and lips.In addition, there are plenty of activities for children with speech therapy problems.The most common of them - is "needle", when it is necessary to make a sharp tongue and reach as high as possible in the nose, and "shovel" when the language most relaxed.

search tutors

If you care so much about technique speech courses - it is best that you need.It can be a long time to learn to speak beautifully and correctly at home and did not notice the blunders, which nullify all the efforts.An experienced teacher and mentor, and not in time to correct errors will be fixed.Appliances speech teacher will act as a benchmark and a guiding light, which will not allow to go astray.That specialist will tell you when you'll be quite willing to speak in front of people, and will stop if it is too early, and you need more practice.

What and how to talk?

So, even if you have long been engaged in diction, staging breathing apparatus, but do not know what to say, you orate yet.We need to head in time to ripen beautiful turns and phrases just remembered the right words, and it flowed a stream.For this purpose, just need to read a lot and think on various topics.We need to try to look for synonyms to many words and increase their vocabulary.

It is full of many people's words-parasites.As a general rule, so they fill the awkward pauses that occur from time to time.For this you need to follow and not be afraid of the very pauses.Stoppages speech arise when we are not prepared, "stumble" and select the right words and expressions.This should not be.No impromptu at the beginning!To achieve the lightness and fluidity of the narrative, you need a lot of hard work.Impromptus will come later.

is also important to monitor the rate of speech.Many people chattering, without noticing.This is impeding fully accept it.It is necessary to ensure that the pace at which we say, it's not that hard.Initially have to pay attention to it, and then it becomes a habit.

Gestures Gestures - our second language.He just needs us, but even here there are rules.Gestures should not be too much.It is also very distracting sweeping motions.That's why you need to learn to control his body.There is a science that studies the facial expressions and gestures.It kinesics.Even a cursory acquaintance with it will be very useful, because you learn a little bit to read body language.Consideration should be given every gesture.To get started please read and objectively ana movements that you use often, and then make adjustments.

is advisable to think in advance all the gestures, rehearse in front of a mirror, demonstrate best friends.

If you all say, "I want to say ... nice speech techniques such complex!", Then you are unlikely to achieve something.Beautiful and right speech goes hand in hand with faith in our strength and success.All they needed almost every one of us, after all success and belief in yourself - one of the main components of the modern world.

practice - and you will surely succeed!