What are the dimensions of one and a half brick?

Brick is one of the most durable building materials, but at the same time is one of the oldest and most used for the construction of highly aesthetic designs.Dimensions sesquioxide bricks and other building materials that differ from each other, allowing a choice depending on the desired structural strength.

Types and purpose of bricks

This building material is considered to be one of the cheapest among those that are made from natural raw materials.This is especially true of red bricks made on the basis of clay.Get a brick using the baking bricks of pressed clay.Building material itself is divided into white (lime) and red (clay).As for the red brick, it also divided into several categories, depending on the quality of the firing: smooth and solid, which is widely used in construction, with burnt edges and the middle, which can only be used for the foundation and fencing.Also, division is performed and depending on the size of the material.The size of one and a half sand-lime brick is 88 x 120 x 26

0 mm, where the values ​​correspond to the height, width and length.By this type includes a hollow and porous brick used for a less massive structures.Dimensions sesquioxide brick sizes differ from corpulent (65 x 120 x 260 mm).Also recently it appeared earthen building material of the new format - one and a half hollow bricks (dimensions - 103 x 120 x 260 mm).It is used for masonry structures reduced lightness.

Decorative brick

This is one of the types of building materials, which has also been coined recently.It is used in facing brickwork.Working with them requires a lot of effort and patience, not only because of him erected facades and trim major surfaces, but also because the material itself is fragile.Its outer walls can be glossy or patterned.It can help you get a great front masonry fences or buildings.Also, in recent years it has been used as a material for interior walls, requiring no further treatment.Dimensions for one and a half brick lining may differ from the size of such conventional materials.

Advantages and disadvantages of the building material in the construction

bricks are used as one of the most popular and high-quality construction materials for many years ago.Over time, this tradition began to be forgotten.Despite this, in the last few years, he came back into fashion, and at the moment is almost one of the most sought after.Its advantages lie in the fact that the buildings constructed of brick, are very warm.In addition, the material gives the structure an attractive appearance and easy.Brick is an environmentally friendly material, which in our time is paid a lot of attention.The shape and size of one and a half brick, used in construction can be varied: from a bent to a corner with a rough surface, which greatly simplifies the process of construction.Brick - a material of the modern generation!