Beautiful flyer - it's just

Almost every day we fall into the hands of advertising catalogs, flyers and leaflets.They handed out on the streets, busy intersections and in supermarkets.Such an abundance of advertising tiring, and often the majority of leaflets sent straight to the trash.

However, the owner of the company, trying to increase the popularity of their product or service, it is very important that every penny spent on advertising will eventually bring profit.But how to ensure that the money spent on the creation of flyers, worked?

Goals and means

So the task to establishment, goods or services to the consumer as much as possible.To do this, each ad must accurately talk about profitability and the uniqueness of the offer.In addition, you need to apply directly to their target audience.Then the number of failures is minimized, and the money will no longer fly into the wind.

easiest means of disseminating information about the company was, is and will be printed products.The price of these services is much lower than on television and radio advertising.Moreover, the customer can choose the place of distribution, thereby controlling the audience.

flyer and leaflet: What's the difference?

can safely say that these two means of advertising are different in both form and content.Promotional flyer printed on sheets of small format (A4 sheet divided into three parts).Choosing paper, prefer high-density material.It makes flyers appealing and allows for a long time to keep the original shape.In terms of content, the leaflet may communicate general information, or contain certain elements of the catalog.This mainly advertised goods.

Whereas flyer - a way to communicate about the campaign, or a new service.Often it contains information about public events, concerts, workshops of famous people.It provide information on the place and time of the event.Often used as a flyer card for a discount or a lottery ticket.

attractive flyer

This is key campaign performance.Small bright leaflet shall cause the desire to keep it and read it, and therein must be concise and clear.

Competent registration flyer necessarily correspond to the following rules:

  1. information should be logically arranged in the direction of the natural reading from left to right and top to bottom.The most important is indicated in the upper left.The lower half of the flyer only details the message.

  2. All text should be easy to read and understandable.Do not use long sentences and difficult-to-understand words.Note that a message can read on the go or in transport.A man from the first seconds should see on the page useful information.

  3. All images and text must not merge with each other and require extra effort when reading.The most convenient option for the eyes - black letters on a white background (or slight variations in color), while a white font on a black quickly tires.

  4. flyer must contain interesting and attractive illustrations.They need to fill almost the entire first (main page).Text messages can be placed on the back.

  5. should be placed in the title interesting and profitable offer.According to statistics, the cap read everything.For a man who would take a flyer, it will be an additional reason to save paper and carefully examine the contents.

  6. Content flyers should encourage consumers to visit the store, event, service center or website of the company.Each advertising material is required to be the contact information of the enterprise, otherwise all advertising activity is meaningless.Consumers simply will not be able to buy the product or use the service, even if it is to attract the company.

struggle with competitors

Unfortunately, competently apply the promotional material and hand it into the hands of a potential customer is not enough.Flyer - it's not a secret weapon, its effectiveness has long been known, and competitors can also use it.

to persons retained exactly your flyer and then took advantage of the offer of the enterprise, it must be placed in it that would cause the maximum interest.For example, if the advertised children's creative studio, on the back of the flyer scheme can accommodate simple crafts.This piece will keep every mother, and in the home of many of the creative classes for certain idea come to visit at least one lesson in the studio advertiser.

Honesty - the success

can not wait to deceive the consumer.Of course, a promotional flyer - a reliable means to attract visitors.But if, for example, in advertising the restaurant indicated discount on the entire menu, but in fact provided only for soups and salads, and the text of the flyer there is no such specification, the visitor will be disappointed.Such advertising is only alienate the customer.

Rules of submission of advertising material simple enough.They should not be forgotten, and the distribution of flyers will certainly bring the expected effect.