What is the geolocation on your phone?

word "geolocation" at all for a long time at the hearing.But most people have only a general idea about what it is.Let's take a closer look at what the service is and how it can be useful.

concept of "geolocation"

What is geolocation?Geolocation - this data is reported in real time the exact location of a computer, tablet or phone and thus its owner.Through this service, set details such as the country where the user is located, the city, the street and the house.

How it works

precondition for the service is to connect the device to the Internet.In each mobile device installed special software that allows you to keep track of its current geopozitsiyu.

Through Internet connection service locates the device using the current IP-address of the subscriber.What is the geolocation service, we have considered above.Now you need to understand how it works.

What you need

Now many programs designed for smartphones, tablets, and personal computers, check, and some during use, request data current geopozitsii.

Some programs need to place the data in a client profile, other users could see his real location.

applications intended for land navigation, geopozitsiyu that request in order to prompt the subscriber exactly where he is at any given time, helping to pave the shortest route to your destination.

Job search queries

geolocation is very important in the processing of search queries.What is the geolocation in the search engine and how it helps?

Depending on the location of the subscriber, the search engines give appropriate answers to its requests.This filtering of data is very convenient and saves time searching for the right information.

For example, if you ask how much it cost and where to buy a new car, the system will first show the sites where ads are placed machines in nearby towns.

in mobile devices

What geolocation on your phone?Included service helps determine where the nearest coffee shop, restaurants, theaters, fitness centers, and so on. D.

Also included in the phone geolocation system will find the device in case of loss or theft.This service will operate even if the phone has been stolen when the SIM card is replaced.The main thing is to continue to work online.This can be either the Internet, working with a SIM card, and Wi-Fi.


This service is absolutely free.The only thing that the money is spent or megabytes - is the traffic used for downloading maps.If the phone is used exclusively online mobile operator, will be charged according to the tariff that is connected to the subscriber.

If a mobile device is used only Wi-Fi or unlimited internet connected by the mobile operator, it will be consumed only Internet traffic.

For business

What geolocation business?How can it help in its development?Through monitoring the demand for certain products in specific regions, the company can change the pricing policy of its affiliates.For example, you can set lower prices for goods that are not in demand.

In addition, for the convenience of customers, you can specify for each area prices in the currency, which is used for payment.

What is the geolocation to advertise?By identifying the location of customers, can accommodate banner ads aimed at specific customers who are interested in these goods.

How to connect

What geolocation smartphone?How to connect it and how to use it?In the fourth series phones to enable determination of your current location you need to go to "Settings".In this menu, you need to find an item called "Geolocation" and activate the feature by sliding down the side.

After enabling this feature, you will be asked to choose which programs you allow it to use your location.

will now be asked to choose a time zone.You can activate a function that will display on the main screen that your device is enabled Location Services.

What geolocation on the iPhone?How is it connected?For this option to connect phones with apple fifth series must also go to the "Settings" section, and from there go to the tab entitled "Privacy", which in the very first line of the function will be called "Location Services".

After activating this function, the system will offer to do all the same steps as in the fourth model.You will need to choose which programs you can use data about your geopozitsii, and identify the time zone.

What geolocation iAd?It has the same purpose as for iPhohe.Included is the program universally.

only difference, which can be very useful - it is an opportunity to find a lost or stolen phone by using the tablet on the same platform iOs.

To do this you need to install a special program called "Find iPhone".You can download it free through the app AppStore.Next you need to be registered in the search program by entering the data to Apple ID.Then you need to check that your phone has been enabled "Find iPhone".In order to do this, you need to go to the "Settings" section, go to the tab called ICloud, in which you can activate this feature.

order for the service to work, you need to turn it on and authorization to use geolocation.

latest version of the software offers a fifth series of additional services.In the same menu, which connects the function to search for the phone, you can enable a function by which the lost phone before finally discharged, send data about its current location in the manufacturing companies.

To find a lost or stolen phone, you need a different, pre-connected to it the machine enter the "All Devices".Next, go to the tab "My Devices" where it will be visible to the lost phone model, select it, and then it will be shown the location of the requested device.

If the missing phone is switched off, it is necessary in the machine from which the search for it, put a tick in the "Notify me of discovery."In this case, when the phone is running again, you will know exactly where he is.

For easy in this program there are a few useful features.You can go to the settings of the "Find iPhone" and put a check mark beside the point, "Play a sound."If it is activated, the search unit buzzer will sound, with which you can easily find a lost device.

second useful feature of the program - "The regime of loss."If you activate it, you can lock the phone, with its display will show number that has found it can call you.

third function is called "Erase iPhone."With it you can remotely wipe all your personal data stored on the lost device.

If the phone was lost, and he had removed all the data, and then he found or returned, you can easily restore all personal information, using a backup that any unit of the company makes every time you connect to a PC.