Compare the best aircraft (5th generation).

5 generation aircraft - a world-famous three models: the Russian T-50, the American F-22s ("Raptor") and the Chinese J-20 ("Black Eagle").It is these countries in the event of any major world situations can affect the geopolitical situation in the world.Which model is better and who will be able to capture airspace?

In war as in war

Today we can say that many countries are large-scale war, in which the main role is played not by arms, and innovative technologies and high precision weapons.In this context, the important role played by military aircraft, namely its 5th generation.Russian-made aircraft T-50 could become a worthy competitor to the rest of the air vehicles.The distinctive features of these models are ultra-modern:

  1. Easy destroying strategic enemy targets.
  2. ability to paralyze the entire defense industry of a country.

Consider these three vehicles more to understand that different countries offer as its reliable weapons.

T-50 PAK FA (Russia): how it all began

5 generation aircraft were developed not long ago, and initially conducted designing fighter design bureaus in the Soviet Union.It was in the 80s began full-scale operation for the production of multi-functional fighter.The first planned to create a long-range interceptor, which is able to become a worthy replacement for the Su-27 and MiG-31.As the main model following requirements:

  • versatility, it is possible to act on all types of needs - air, land and surface;
  • low visibility in any of the spectrum - from the visual to thermal and electromagnetic;
  • unique maneuverability, which allowed to implement innovative techniques and tactical air combat elements;
  • extended range of possible modes of flight;
  • supersonic speed flight.

first plane lumpy

Before there were Russian planes 5th generation, they have undergone all sorts of improvements.So, first as the main fighter-interceptor Su-47 was put forward, and then - a promising fighter Su-27km.However, none of these models could not be among the fifth generation.That is why in 1998 the new terms of reference drawn up to create a unique fighter.During this time, it was thought a lot of models, but by 2001 was thought Sukhoi PAK FA PAK FA.

successful course of business

first aircraft 5th generation Russian steel produced in Komsomolsk-on-Amur in 2006.By 2009, it was created three technical sample, after which they were carried out the tests.The first flight was made in 2010, which revealed problems with the steering, braking system.As noted in the reports of developers, this model is characterized by simplicity and convenience of service, the ability to reach speeds without afterburner, with high maneuverability and stealth congestion.

In those days, only the US and Russia could boast that in their arsenal of weapons, there are five generations of aircraft.It was rumored that the Chinese are planning to create a new product.Looking ahead, we say that they'd still have created - and its characteristics it is not inferior to the American and Russian counterparts.

advantages of the T-50 PAK FA

As noted by many experts, the fifth generation of Russian aircraft has unique features.The first models are attractive because they serve as both a fighter and attack aircraft.In addition, a new avionics suite integrates the function of an electronic pilot.5 generations of Russian aircraft equipped with forward-looking radar, which is complemented by a phased array.Her feature - to reduce the workload of the pilot, who can concentrate and perform tactical tasks.

equipment PAK FA fighter

Supernovae created in Russia, equipped with a unique on-board equipment.Its peculiarity is that it is possible to exchange data online, and can communicate with both the ground control system, and within the aviation group.Through the use of modern materials and unique technologies warplanes Russian 5th generation different aerodynamic configuration and a low level of detection of various degrees.This increases the combat effectiveness of the aircraft for different types of purposes.The design model is configured to minimize the visibility of the aircraft.Engine PAK FA by 80% consists of new parts, thus increasing reliability and durability of the resource.

T-50 - 5 generation aircraft, which belongs to the heavy class.Russian engine is a novelty plasma ignition system that provides oxygen-free motor startup.Also for the first time on airplanes of domestic production used digital control: this system is characterized by mobility and flexibility.As for weapons, the PAK FA is planned to equip weapons inside and outside of the suspension.

Features weapons

T-50 - 5 generation aircraft that will be able to fight at different distances.For this purpose it equipped with different types of missiles.The use of modern achievements will allow to detect air and ground targets with greater efficiency.Also, the model will be equipped with a single information system deployment and management to communicate with other aircraft.Of the new products will receive the aircraft navigation system based on GPS / GLONASS navigation, as well as SIGINT, EW and suppressing infrared seeker and remote detonators missiles, EDSU system in-flight refueling, brake dvuhkupolny parachute.

Foreign experts came to the conclusion that the latest Russian aircraft 5 generation - it is a real success story of engineers who could design such an unobtrusive unit.

F-22 ("Raptor") US

This plane can be considered as the best aircraft of the 21st century.This is due to the fact that in this model, developers were able to bring the latest refinements in the aviation sector.Combat aircraft F / A-22 began designing in 1991, and it was created on the basis of modern computer-aided design.US 5th generation aircraft are the most powerful and strongest in the world, as have a long flight at supersonic speeds and can display unique tactics.

Compared to Russian aircraft, F / A-22 has a thrust vector control system, which results in improved maneuverability.This (as well as the high level electronic equipment) has made this model the most powerful in the world.However, many experts say that Russian planes 5 generations may well compete with US counterparts in terms of strength and reliability.

noted that Russian aircraft defense system solves many problems with the identification of objects with high accuracy, while equipping "Raptor" recalls attack aircraft equipment.American aircraft, in turn, can boast of equipping a new generation of air bombs, which are equipped with a system of satellite inertial guidance.

facilities "Raptor"

To make the aircraft less visible, developers have equipped it with a system of passive mode.US warplanes 5th generation "Raptor" able to detect a large aerial target at a distance of 300 km, ground - up to 70 km.Cockpit is wide HUD with a large field of view, what distinguishes and Russian aircraft.From weapons can be noted gun MB built-1A2 (ammo - 480 rounds), four missiles "air-to-air" missiles six AIM-120C and two missiles in the compartments.Several other rockets located on the wing flaps of the aircraft.

American became the first fighter aircraft, which is fully equipped with an integrated avionics system.It includes an integrated central system of data processing, communications, navigation, identification and combat ICNIA complex electronic control.

J-20 ("Black Eagle")

If Russian aircraft 5th generation at the hearing, the Chinese-made models is only conquer the world.Thus, the model J-20 - a heavy fighter created under the "duck".However, its technical characteristics, it can not be compared with the Russian or the American model.So, experts say that the Chinese plane has a problem with the aerodynamics, flight range had small compared to our model, and not brought to mind the design increases the visibility of the radar unit.The main problem of Chinese fighter aircraft - the lack of engines.It turns out that hard, and overall well-marked aircraft has neither the maneuverability or reliability.Accordingly, the most reliable in the world are the newest generation of aircraft 5 Russian and American "Raptor".

Comparative analysis

The comparative characteristic of the two models - the Russian and American production:

Performance characteristics

Russian T-50

American "Raptor"


1 person

1 person

Wing area

78,8 sq.m.

78 sq

flight duration

3,3 hours


maximum speed

2,6 Mach

2.4 Mach


2,200 km

5500 km

Maximum takeoff weight

37000 kg

38000 kg

Battle ceiling

19,2 km

18 km

Conclusion: who is better?

newest fighter highest capacity currently available only in the United States and Russia.Who will prevail when planes collide in the air?The answer to this question is not so simple.On the one hand, American fighter is in service for a long time, while our model is only undergoing flight tests.On the other hand, the Russian plane has a more perfect design, which makes it more maneuverable.Russian developers also focus attention on the fact that the T-50 aircraft can carry a larger amount of fuel, so it is perfect for the American model of a practical range and combat radius.In any case, the performance of both models will be continuously improved, so draw a clear conclusion about who is stronger, it is difficult.