Fish in a dream.

Fish dream is usually interpreted as a symbol of coldness, indifference and disease.

see her skeleton is completely picked, is to have disappointments, unfulfilled plans in the coming disaster.Engage her fishing - wasted spending time in real life, to fulfill the useless, thankless job.If a person sees the fish caught others, he can get sick, and a woman - to become pregnant.The fact that the fulfillment of a wish to be postponed, says a dream in which there are only watch quietly rocking on the water float rods.But when he twitches and people catch fish, they conceived necessarily true.This dream can predict and conclusion bargain or marriage.

sign significant gains or return of lost - fish nalovlennaya own network or seine.The longer it is and what it is larger, the more money.Small fry, respectively, is small money at more trouble.We'll have to take risks to a certain extent, so be careful.Lack catch shows unrealized intentions.Enemies, has prepared a trap, warns dream of fishhooks.

clean the fish in a dream tells about a possible normalization of relations with others, change opinions about them the better.It can also be advice to learn to manage their emotions.

Fry the fish in a dream for a woman means a victory over the gossipers.

matters and painting fish.So colorful fish in a dream can prevent healthy human quarrels, insults, deception or poisoning, and the patient - to prophesy the imminent departure from life.Red coloring says that could open some secret, have poperezhivat.It also may indicate inflammation of the body.

If the fish in the dream slips from his hands, reality will have to communicate with the "slippery" type.It will be very difficult, almost impossible, to catch and expose.

considered the best sign when dreams freshwater fish, not the sea.Bony fish, caught in a dream, predicts the collapse of plans, all kinds of obstacles.

perfect omen - fried fish in a dream as a meal.Is it - is to wait for reliable performance, increasing prosperity.The larger it is, the naturally more profit.But eating raw fish - no good, but losses and disappointments, not promises, especially if there are lots of bones.Then failure is guaranteed.

Inanimate fish floating on the water surface, said about the impossibility of miracles.Failures in the plans, personal life, and carries the dream of rotten fish.There

dreams foretelling pleasant events, news, receiving a gift.For example, if you see the fish merrily splashing in clear water.Although the same dream can warn of troubles at work.

feeding fish in a dream tells the charm of the man he will conquer their enemies and make peace with them.If he sees a fish in his bed, may soon get sick.This is a dangerous dream for those who are going to travel through the water, they can be on the ship, which is to crash.

bad, if a pregnant woman to dream if she gave birth to a fish.She is waiting for a miscarriage or the baby will be born weak, can live very little.

Fishing nets, seen in the hands of another person, warn of cunning traps, deception and treachery on the part of others.In general, fishermen prompt dreamed that among friends there are people unreliable, which do not expect.

about diseases associated with cancer or inflammation signals dreamed big fish fat.

Besides all the above, the interpretation of the fish may also depend on its type (eg, perch, herring, carp, crucian carp and so on. D.)