What will tell downers: what dreams snakes

In ancient times, dreams were regarded as messages from the gods, and to the interpretation of these messages very seriously.Now the study of dreams for most of the population - some kind of entertainment.However, even skeptical people sometimes turn to dream books to unravel the essence of his dreams.Who knows, maybe they really covered "divine" message warns against dangers or presages happiness and prosperity?

Among the countless all sorts of visual images that open during sleep, there are some that seem absurd and meaningless, but in fact are directly related to the thoughts, actions of man, his dreams, desires and fears and unrest.Here then are very helpful downers, which stands for "divine" message or, closer to the truth, the message of our subconscious.

This article focuses on the possible interpretations of dreams in which the snake appears.At the mention of the word the first associations that come to mind - this "danger", "fear", "poison", "death".It is logical to assume that the appearance of the image of a snake in a dream also will be associated with these concepts.

On this point, researchers do not have a single point of view, some of them are of the opinion that the snake in a dream symbolizes the anxiety, fear, illness and even death.There are other, more optimistic interpretation of dreams about snakes, not to mention Freud's interpretation of dreams.

So, what does it mean when a snake dream?

Based on current interpretations of these dreams, divide them into several groups: dreams, warnings, dreams, the characteristics of their own "I", the optimistic nature of dreams and the dreams of erotic.

Why dream of a snake?Dreams-warning

If you dream you pass by snakes, so you should pay more attention to their own health, it is quite possible you will soon become ill.In addition, such a dream warns of selfishness, and you use your friends.

If you dream you are bitten by a snake, get ready for a vicious and hostile action by the enemies.If the snake wraps around and bites you, then you will be powerless to resist the wiles of the enemy.Seeing the snake bites other people - to the offense, which will soon strike a good friend.

Hold a snake in his hands - to the painful anxieties and concerns that will bring minor events.

If you dream you see a lot of small snakes, beware: someone will take advantage of your kindness and sympathy for their own purposes.

woman who dreams of her dead snake bites, must be prepared for the fact that anger and hypocrisy "friend" will make her suffer.

dreamed of a snake in the water?Be careful, trouble that will soon fall upon your family or close friends, will be the cause of their reckless behavior.It is particularly important to remain vigilant if in a dream you see a snake that has not yet crawled into the water and is located on the shore.Some of the inner circle wanted to harm you, harming the family, and financial well-being.

If you see water in which swim snake, then in the future you expect melancholy, longing and sadness.

So sleep with snakes warns of the dangers and diseases, the machinations and intrigue, anxiety and unpleasant surprises.

Why dream of a snake?Dreams, property characteristics, "I»

In this respect dreams with snakes symbolize your personal qualities: deceit, hypocrisy, coldness and readiness to go to the target, they say, over the corpses.

Twisting snakes or snakes that attack symbolize unfair struggle for existence and remorse.

If you kill a snake in a dream, that in real life you will soon go on anything for recognition of the importance of your surroundings.

downers Some argue that the dream of snakes occur in humans as a manifestation of his demonic nature.This dream could signal you about the hidden vile desires, failures, fear of death, treachery, envy your "I".

Why dream of a snake?Dreams optimistic nature

If you see a snake, leaving the water, you can count on a promotion or a move to a new home.

ancient Maya believed the image of the snake symbol of renewal, wisdom and powerful spiritual energy.This view retain some interpretations of dreams about snakes, which promise positive change, healing, wise look at the problems and doubts.

Some researchers say the dream that dream in which there are snakes, is a precursor to improve the social and material status.The possibility of obtaining a significant monetary gain, improving the reputation of public concern.

In addition, the appearance of a snake in a dream - a symbol of the possible replenishment of the family.As a rule, it is a symbol of the birth of his son.

Why dream of a snake?Dreams of erotic

From this perspective, the image of the snake - a phallic symbol.This dream symbolizes the temptation of forbidden sexual relations.If you dream you see a snake in his own bed, in real life, probably, you feel depressed and vulnerable.Perhaps you are inexperienced in the sexual sphere, and it is causing you trouble.

If in your life you are afraid of snakes, their appearance in the dream shows the fear of the opposite sex, to intimate relationships or responsibilities to the partner.Lack of sexual relations represents a dream in which you eat the snake.

Thus, the interpretation of dreams about snakes are different.Researchers do not adhere to the same opinion, and express more and more speculation.How not to get lost in the abundance of opinions and not to be mistaken, interpreting his dream?Choose the option that suits most and setting yourself up for a positive.Projecting good thoughts in your near future, you are projecting your future.And only you can decide how it will be positive

And finally I want to say this: according to the known evolutionary theory in the early stages of the man was a reptile.The human brain stores the memory of all the stages of evolution, so dream about snakes - merely a manifestation of the activity of "reptilian" brain.Like it or not, each of us is free to interpret the dream of his own, based on personal experience and attitudes.