How to learn to beatbox?

beatbox called art to create the rhythm, melody and beats using only one vocal apparatus.Basically, it sounds live musicians, the music of which is the direction of hip-hop.

Learn to beatbox in the presence of desire everyone can.To achieve good results you need regularly, do not neglect the exercises and try every time to improve their skills.

Brief History

Beatbox originated in the United States, when hip-hop was at the peak of his popularity.His hometown was the "Big Apple", ie New York - one of the largest cities in the world.

rapper Doug E. Fresh decided to add variety to their work for the first time began to imitate the rhythm and melody that was nonsense, and news about the rapper spread throughout the city.And soon in the press and the network has a lot of information that tells how to learn to beatbox.He loved young people, in particular due to the fact that thanks to the new art was born no longer have to carry around with a drum machine or a boom box, because the device for rhythm is always with you!

How to learn to beatbox

learn the art of extracting bits of bodies, many wish the vocal apparatus.To do this, there are a lot of exercises, each of which develops a certain skill.First you need to learn the basic beatbox sounds and learn them.For a start it will be enough three.The first of them - the "kick" - implies pronouncing the letter "b" in the tightly compressed lips.Doing "hat", it should be very short, but clearly pronounce the letter "n."And then the worst of them - "sner."It is necessary to inflate the cheeks and not using voice box, but his lips to say a loud "poof."

Initially, these three sounds quite enough to create simple, unpretentious rhythms that can accompany the same simple melodies.

course, easier to ask for help to a person professionally owning this kind of art.He will be able to objectively evaluate the ability of the student to tell him how to learn to beatbox, and show the first exercise, which then need to be given at least twenty minutes a day.But, naturally, it will charge a fee for their private lessons, and sometimes the cost is expensive.Therefore, many are willing to have themselves to master this art, without the help of a teacher.Sometimes it even makes self-settling process more interesting.

As people learn to beatbox, and will perform the composition.Therefore it is necessary often to train.

necessary to recall the three basic sounds beatbox "kick", "hat" and "sner.""Kick" is derived as follows: the upper lip should be tightly pressed against the protruding lower.After making sure that all is well, you need to exhale sharply, causing crashes resounding "b"."Sner" also called "snare";it is recovered by a sharp exhale through pursed lips.The compression of the lips is necessary because without it the sound will turn sluggish and barely audible."Hat", aka "dish", is of two types: open and closed.When closed, "plate" is necessary to press the tongue against the upper teeth, and clearly say "u" with an open sound is supposed to be a long-drawn and hissing.

When training is not necessary to dwell on the achieved result.For example, when the sound has already been spent, you can try to put them in a bit.Who knows, maybe you are ready for something bigger?It can help a metronome - a device that establishes a rhythm and you do not wish to stray from it.Important before proceeding to the actual sounds - paid considerable time setting of proper breathing, which, as in the vocal arts, is the basis of beatbox.Nonsmoker and sports can learn how to extract bits faster than people who are not leading a healthy lifestyle, because they have more or less correct, developed breathing.

learn the basics of this art, you can continue to grow, to learn, how to learn to beatbox a more complex level than the previous one.A man who knows how to create rhythms, melodies and bits of vocal apparatus, will certainly be the soul of any company.