How to become a singer: tips for beginners stars

If you think that in order to become famous and beloved singer, the only important communication only money or just a voice, you're wrong.

How to become a famous singer: vocal

You need a good vocal.Please rate if you have the voice to sing on stage, whether it is delivered well as developed an ear for music.Be aware that the musical talent or given to people from birth or developed through hard training to teachers of music since childhood.In adulthood develop a voice and develop an ear for music is very easy.

How to become a singer: external data

needed presentable, attractive appearance.Remember that the work of the singer - a live audience, which should be nice to look at the stars.Of course, the taste and color - no friends (though you will be red, though the blonde, though mulatto - does not matter), but certain criteria must be present appearance.

How to become a famous singer: artistry

Watch singer who stands on stage with almost no traffic - boredom death for the viewer.To do this, people can go to the opera, not the concert of famous young singer.Think about whether you are able to move freely and artistically, to make beautiful gestures and movements, to look at the audience, whether tightness and stiffness.To develop these qualities well help acting classes and dance clubs.

How to become a singer: writing music and poetry

It is not compulsory quality as today on the creation of working mass songs of musicians and poets.However, if you know how to play a musical instrument (guitar, piano, etc.) and also easily and enthusiastically term rhymed lines, it is an extra plus for the producer (about it later), because he could well save you -and you'll be a singer, and poet and musician in one person.

How to become a singer: the rich "patron" (dad, husband, friend)

This is not a must-see destination for the young singer, but worse by the presence of the patron will not - that's for sure.Just keep in mind that if you - a complete lack of talent, then sooner or later the man (even if he is a billionaire) bother to invest in you without any financial return.

How to become a singer: personality traits necessary

addition to all of the above, the singer should have read a number of personal qualities:

  • diligence;
  • perseverance;
  • stress resistance;
  • willpower and others.

Keep in mind that the work of the singer, and especially successful singer - it is often hard work ("Sanchez" in the Russian hinterland, tours abroad, the impossibility of a long time to meet with family and friends, endless rehearsals, recordingsongs in the studio, shooting videos), which, of course, nobody is going to make "the hut" on the TV screen or on the pages of glossy magazines.Remember that if you decide to link their career with a stage, then it you securely connect their entire lives, including personal.

Who is the producer and what to do if it does not exist?

Producer of the singer - is the one who settles all her problems.With this person you sign a contract in which it receives part of the profit (or even almost all) of your performances and other aspects of creativity.In return, the producers involved in everything from your image, clothes, food, accommodation, and to organizing concerts and tours.

If yet you are just starting a singer, a talent, but without sponsors and producers, the rise to fame will give you a hard time.However, remember that nothing is impossible.Use every opportunity to show themselves and their art to the public.Did not disdain to speak in the night restaurants, rest homes, at corporate, unimportant music competitions, etc.You can put your creativity to the Internet.If you appreciate about you start talking, tell your friends, among whom may be a real producer.Always carry a few discs recorded songs in your performance, as well as the contact details for which you may be contacted.In general, go for it!