How to seal the crack in the wall, so as not to think about its existence?

Sooner or later everyone is faced with the problem of repair of an apartment or a holiday home.Wanting to change the wallpaper or paint the walls, you can face some disadvantages vertical surface.Removing old wallpaper, you will see a network of minor injuries and are now thinking how to patch up the crack in the wall?Do not worry.We'll teach you how to act in such a situation and how to cement the cracks in the wall.Let's look at the most common options.

How to seal the crack in the wall of bricks?

To begin to understand the causes of this defect.There may be more.The most common causes are:

  • Violation process in the construction of the building.
  • incorrectly prepared solution for masonry cement.
  • Violation process bricklaying.
  • No or insufficient wall armirovochnyh rods.
  • lack of a common foundation of the house and the outhouse, which leads to the formation of cracks at the junction of the buildings.

What should be done to eliminate the cracks:

  • To begin slightly increase the depth and breadth of damage.We try to do it evenly on all sides at an angle of about 45 degrees.We cover the entire crack one layer of special primer.
  • to seal the hole using cement mortar or special joint sealant.When choosing a building material for repair, it must be remembered that the laying of a solution of the cement may lead to the re-formation of cracks.In this case, it is best to choose a sealant.Even in the dry state it is sufficiently ductile and can easily shrink or expand under the influence of the external environment.
  • If you're going in the future to paint, putty or plaster wall, then discard the silicone sealants.The process of alignment of the walls of this building material would be difficult.
  • Lay sealant into the prepared crack with a special gun.Remove excess rubber or metal spatula, while smoothing the surface of the wall.
  • If you use a repair solution of cement, do not forget to moisten the surface of the well and the walls cracked.Such actions will help to grab the best solution.To improve the properties of the maintenance staff to add cement plaster tile adhesive.

How to seal the crack in the wall of plaster?

plastered walls are often subject to cracking.It does not matter, this outer wall or internal.Damage to always talks about abuse of the process during the preparation of plaster, its styling and drying.The appearance of cracks may lead the wrong care plastered walls.The best option for the protection of the walls of the cracks is the use of glass fiber "spider", fiberglass or fiberglass mesh.Damaged wall surface purify by precipitating particles of plaster.After that, plastered wall gruntuem and crack fresh putty.After it is completely dry by using a special glue to glue any fiberglass fiberglass.The surface of the cover layer of putty or paint finish.

How to seal the crack in the wall of plasterboard?

Even the wall of drywall may have unpleasant surprise presence of vertical fractures.They usually appear in the joints of the panels.Any defect on a wall shows a wrong mounting base and technology in violation screwing sheets of plasterboard.By cracking can lead sudden changes in temperature, humidity or flooding of the premises, as well as the wrong inflicted on a mixture of plaster boards joints.As

than patch up the crack in the wall?If the metal structure is fixed is not very reliable and reeling, you have to remove the sheets of drywall and replace it.In all other cases, the need for plaster or acrylic glossing over cracks.Slightly expand and deepen the damage.We cleaned from dust with a soft brush.Gruntuem surface and fill the structure for repairs.Remove any excess material with a spatula.Over the interface glue strip of fiberglass, or after drying the surface grind it with sandpaper.Apply a coat of primer.Only after that the wall can be painted or wallpaper paste over.