What are the highest quality winter tires in Finland?

Finland - is not only a country of good roads, but also a manufacturer of high-quality winter tires.Every motorist heard at least once about her famous tire "Nokia", which is superior to all standard requirements.And whether winter tires in Finland are so good?In today's article we will provide a full review of the Finnish news - Nokian Hakkapeliitta, as well as other tires of this brand.

What are its characteristics?

winter tires in Finland - is not just a piece of rubber, which is mounted on the car and in 2-3 years is thrown on the garbage.Finnish engineers in the development of each new model are paying as much attention to the composition of their products and the placement of protectors.Thanks to the latest technological developments all winter tires in Finland 2013 release have thoughtful design of spikes, and their upper layer is composed of a plurality of mixtures to provide the most effective braking in all weather conditions.Recently, as a result of test-drives a leading position occupied the eighth generation series tires Hakkapeliitta.And as the "Nokia" behaves in practice?

tests on loose and rolled snow

At a temperature of minus 10.5 degrees Celsius snow that fell on the road is very dangerous for cars with bad tires."Nokia" - is winter tires (made in Finland), who are not afraid of even the 40-degree cold.At least that specified by the manufacturer.Well, we turn to the test run.Acceleration to 60 kilometers per hour turned out to be quite sure, without hiccups.On the roadway the vehicle is quite agile, but when driving over loose snow spike wheel is still stalled.Shiny- "Velcro" (those which do not have spikes) more maneuverable under these conditions.

Driving on ice

Ice - is the worst thing that can happen on the winter road.Cars with bald tires are simply not amenable to management on such a surface and fly out of inertia in any direction.Therefore, winter tires in Finland and Russia are essential.As for our "Nokia", spikes show strong acceleration and braking.The wheels cut into the ice so that after a sharp decline in the rate of its surface are visible traces.This is a decent figure for winter tires.Spikes, engaging way for the ice, make the car as much as possible to obey the driver.And this is favorably displayed on the safety of the machine.

test on asphalt

This is perhaps the most ruthless trial with studded tires.Many global producers still can not make such a winter tires, is not afraid of the cleared asphalt.The Finnish tire show us the positive course and a relatively high maneuverability.Even though extensive experience of engineers does not allow "Nokia" the most invincible on asphalt.These tires also lose spines (although much less than the other) and the noise on the road.

On this basis we can say that winter tires in Finland - it is today's market standard tires.No wonder they are called the highest quality and highly efficient.