The constellation Orion - the most beautiful region of the night winter sky

late winter evening on the south side of heaven is impossible not to notice the three bright stars.They are very close, as it were, lined up in a straight line, slightly inclined to the horizon.This constellation of Orion, or rather its central part.It is very large.The eight bright stars of Orion draw in detail a figure that many amateur astronomers resembles a giant bow.But in ancient times, people are looking at it, imagine the mighty hunter, armed combat wooden club and a large shield.The three stars in a row - the so-called "belt" of Orion, from which hung a quiver of arrows.This remarkable constellation of several bright stars.Their names - Betelgeuse and Rigel - Arabic translates as "giant shoulder" and "foot", respectively.

In Greek mythology, the constellation of Orion is associated with stories of a beautiful young man.He was the son of the lord of the seas Poseidon and young Oceanides prickly water lily.Orion was famous for its gigantic height and incredible beauty, also was one of the best hunters, who were allowed to stay in the retinue of the goddess Artemis.

One day he saw a beautiful daughter of the king Oenopion - governor of Chios.Orion asked the hand of the beautiful Merope, and her father gave his consent on condition that the mighty hunter save their island from wild dangerous animals.Of course, the young man performed the task, but returning to the king refused.Arriving in a violent rage, he rushed into the bedroom to the failed bride and took her by force.Demanding revenge Oenopion cried to his father - the god Dionysus.When calmed down and got drunk with satyrs, Orion fast asleep on the beach, the wily king blinded him, pitch dark eyes.Many trials befell the young man.Just reaching the distant shores of the mighty ocean, he again saw the light.There's also a beautiful goddess of the dawn Eos saw the mighty Orion and abducted him in his chariot.

constellation Orion is also associated with another myth.One day, while hunting in the forest Forest, Orion saw the seven sisters of the Pleiades, daughters of Atlas giants.Ardent young man immediately fell unconscious and tried to approach them.But Selena nymphs were extremely shy and timid.And when you first try to talk to them a hunter ran away.Fearing that they will not see more, Orion launched the persecution, but the young galaxy swept carelessly until forces have not left them.Then they prayed to their patron Selene.I heard them and turned the goddess sisters in white doves, placing them at the sky as the constellation of the Pleiades.

There are several myths associated with the death of the mighty hunter.Constellation Orion tells the story of one of them.According to this legend, his giant scorpion stung, called the goddess Artemis, because while hunting brave young man dared to touch her peplos.But the goddess Selene, who loved the boy, appealed to Zeus, and he lifted it to the sky, where it is still hunting the mighty Orion.Constellation it never occurs on a celestial slope with a giant scorpion.

Undoubtedly, the arrangement region of Orion in the night sky the most beautiful and bright.When it rises high above the horizon, you can see the seven brightest stars of the first magnitude, which form a hexagon in the center of which will be Betelgeuse.These are stars Capella, Procyon, Rigel, Pollux, Sirius and Aldebaran.Many people are not even related to astronomy, can easily be found in the winter sky the constellation of Orion, a photo can be seen in all astronomical encyclopedias.