Let's try to learn the meaning of the name Zarina

There is a science that studies the names of the people and called anthroponyms.It examines the etymology of names (origin, values ​​form the name of a word, etc.).It also explores the relationship between the nature of the media and personal name.There is even a theory about the possibility of a link between the psychological characteristics of the person and his name and surname.Many researchers claim that every person has a serious impact sound combination of his name.The length and frequency of the sound waves in every case lifelong impact on all of us and with the passage of time makes manifest certain traits (adventurism, generosity, innocence and so on).

try to find out the origin and meaning of the name Zarina.On the Internet you can find a treatment for a variety of different male and female names.Do not make exceptions to the name Zarina.Various sources indicate its origin in different ways.According to one version, it must appearance Persian language, where "Zarina" is a Russian analogue of "Golden."In this case, the value of the name Zarina - "golden."Another version says that the origin of this name put ancient Slavic language and expression of "beauty of dawn."There is also the likelihood of Bulgarian origin, where it meant the heavenly dawn.It is also possible that the roots of the name Zarina back to the Hebrew language (some researchers believe that there is a similarity between the sound of "Zara" and "Sarah," meaning "princess").Short or pet form of treatment is considered Zarinochka, Zaryan and Zara, Zarqa.

If verbal meaning of the name Zarina sources describe different, something about the nature of the owners of the name information, in general, are similar.It is reported that Zarina - a complicated man.It is peculiar stubbornness, temper, until the scandal, impulsiveness, susceptibility to flattery and vanity.In building a career will be an excellent assistant traits such as thrift, hypocrisy, ambition, and a well-developed intuition.Without much effort can gain credibility by others.But not to lose people's trust over time, Zarina need to pay more attention to fairness and justice of their actions and judgments.

of the best things that will have Zarina, the value of the name promises her a good memory and a keen mind.For my family, this woman will be an excellent guardian of the hearth - she was a great hostess, sverhchistoplotnaya and accurate.Able to fully devote himself to his wife and children, not putting a priority job.

There are people who would be inherent in a positive or negative character traits.And the meaning of the name Zarina confirms this thesis.To close it - pure gold star to the skies.For colleagues and subordinates - an authoritative leader for detractors - honorable opponent.The most beautiful is the bearer of this name would have to learn to understand themselves and others.To try to control not the most positive tendency of character, relying on his mind and nobility.

If you think about the theory of the effect of sound waves on behalf of its owner, Zarina would have to be characterized by: Z - tediousness;A - double work;P - honesty;And - skepticism;N - innate delicacy.