Aries: Zodiac golden fleece

Aries - the first of the zodiac signs.This is due to the fact that in ancient times a place of the vernal equinox was just the constellation Aries.It consists of eighty-two stars, the brightest of which - Gamal and Sheratan, as well as a double star Mesarthim.They are arranged in an arc, like a twisted ram's horns.

About how there was the constellation of Aries, says the ancient Greek legend of Gelle and Frix, who are trying to get rid of their evil stepmother.They fled from it on a flying ram with golden hair, but she slipped from this "vehicle" and drowned in the sea.Frix brought a sheep as a sacrifice to Zeus, the patron of travelers, and golden skin was a gift to the king, the young man who found refuge.The king hung the golden fleece in a grove dedicated to the warlike god Ares and protected dragon.Then it was the purpose of travel Fleece Argonauts and sheep, allegedly it was turned into the constellation of Olympic gods.

twenty-first day of March in the Sun enters Aries, and leaves the twentieth of April.During this period, people are born defining traits that are active, inexhaustible enthusiasm, impulsivity, emotion, ambition, self-confidence and leadership skills.This is a very temperamental, original and even extravagant personality.They are determined, and agile business.More like effect immediately, under the influence of a moment of desire, than to think about the consequences of their actions and to evaluate their usefulness.The first sign of the zodiac - the sign of self-assertion and self-realization.Aries tend to be first in everything!

Aries gives furious energy, strong will and great creativity.But there are also negative qualities: aggression, incontinence and inability to bring the case to the end.This Aries need an assistant who would complete their numerous but ill-conceived plans, parallel guiding irrepressible energy inherent representatives sign a peaceful course (it does not become destructive for all around).

Aries is very romantic, and their feelings inherent in almost childlike sincerity.They are easy to fall in love and achieve the object of his passion with their usual pressure.The ratio tends to boss, but do not tolerate boredom and stagnation.Compatibility with Aries people born under the signs of Leo, Sagittarius and Gemini is highest: they understand and complement each other.Somewhat more complicated is an interaction with the representatives of the sign Virgins, Libra and Taurus, which are the epitome of hard work methodically.It is these individuals are able to realize plans Aries at its best.But temperamental "sheep" are partners often seem too slow and boring.It is difficult for them to communicate with Cancers, Scorpio and Pisces, because the representatives of the water signs are different fineness of feeling, and usually suffer from excessive pressure from the rams, and they, in turn, can not understand these samouglublёnnyh "nerds."But two representatives of this fabulous sign almost never be able to get along in the same area.

most suitable stones for Aries - a diamond and ruby.These rocks from ancient times considered precious and are widely used in jewelry, and they are spectacularly beautiful.