What is stress and how to fight it?

So, what is stress?According to doctors, the stress of man - this is a common reaction to events and stimuli of our environment.In other words, it is the body's response to harmful factors.Such a condition may be due to illness, injury, physical overload, overvoltage, starvation, lack of sleep, and so on. D. There are different types of stress.We will review the most common of them.

Psychological stress

It arises from the violation of a stable mental state.The reasons may be varied: wounded pride, problems at work or in your personal life, and so on. D. The effects of different experiences, too - so, it can cause changes in human lifestyle or relationship with the surrounding normal stress.How to deal with it, so that this condition does not have a negative impact not only on his personal life or work, but also on the exterior?After all, if you just can not handle the stress, the risk to age rapidly because of it.Even faster than from the most unfavorable environment and UV rays!

Many people familiar stress.How to deal with it, know not all.What other methods except valerian can help deal with this unpleasant condition?Here are some great ways that are sure to help you.

Stress: how to fight it?

1. Write yourself a letter with declarations of love

Diaries, writing for himself and inspirational quotes give self-confidence and a sense of calm.Be sure to write in big letters.Scientists have found that a text written in large print, stronger impact on our body.This text is our brain automatically considers the most important, and hence the effect is not long to wait.

2. Eat nuts

Flavor Walnut has strong relaxation properties, uplifting.Therefore, in order to feel better and calmer, add them little by little cocoa, cereal, salad or pastry.

3. Play the simplest card games - at least fool

has long been proven that card games help to relax.During the game you will see the progress of the game, strategy and work through completely forget about all the extraneous issues.In general, having fun.

4. shopping trip

Of course, in addition to positive emotions, shopping and more devastating purse.But!Scientists have proved that not necessarily to set the mood to buy something, just walk, examine and try on.Even viewing electronic catalogs uplifting.After all, bright advertising allows you to forget about the dullness of everyday life!

5. Turn the hoop or try other physical exercises

can, of course, and go for a jog.Then you have to decide.But it is enough to twist the hoop just two minutes - and you will immediately calm down and get rid of unnecessary thoughts.Moreover, as proved by scientists, the effect of such classes will be with you for an hour!The fact that exercise stress hormone neutralize and help to breathe freely and deeply.

So now that you know that stress is how to deal with it, you will not lure yourself into a trap blues.Live life to the fullest, love yourself and do not forget to laugh.And then no stress you will not be afraid.