What is the name Katia

Many parents, choosing the name of your child, first interested in its semantic content.But all the same can not always be defined.Consider what is the name Kate.Translated from the Greek - is "blameless", "clean".Energy bears the name of the mobility and the extraordinary breadth.As a child, Kate grows a little bit greedy, thrifty.The school is one of the best students, she tries to be friends with the elite class, is committed to excellence.Sometimes anxiety and inner turmoil leads to rash Woman and impulsive actions.With imagination at Cach everything is fine, they are incredible dreamer.Most are held in good life.While the mistress of them exemplary.And sometimes children are not brought up properly.Believe psychics and palmistry.

surrounding majestic traits often seen in Katherine, but the owner of this name may notice some inconsistencies in this (which is important for a girl).Name Katia makes its owner is not very prone to long-term accumulation of tension and aggression.Therefore, as a child it conflicts with teachers and parents are unlikely.

Overall Catherine are divided into two main types.First, if the education of girls was very tough, it can grow a closed person.Behind the calm one can see signs of an inferiority complex.This is reflected in shyness, indecision.To live with such a character is very easy.

But there are other types.Their example shows how else can manifest the name Kate.Its importance is reflected in the fact that the activity and mobility of this type turns into a desire to assert itself.Such women may give the impression it is self-confident people.But more often it's just a mask that hides a kind and vulnerable soul.But it can be identified only in case of a serious conflict, or when faced with life's difficulties.All the rest of the time Catherine - cheerful and sociable person, who knows how to stand up for themselves and adequately hold in different situations.Only the closest girlfriends can know about her true spiritual experiences.Yes, except that her husband, the choice of which is a girl with the same name are incredibly strict, trying to find the necessary support.Then Kate's important to remember that the man is in need of care and concern, not in one day all the family fortune can suddenly collapse.

is very important to clearly understand the meaning of the name.Kate, for example, can age your self-esteem to turn ambition and determination to make a career.In such circumstances, the breadth of the soul of such a woman would give it a success not only in business, but also in his personal life.

If you do not know what is the name of Kate, you can make mistakes when dealing with it, without considering her feelings.Good humor is always like Catherine.Sometimes they do bad joke.And if someone can talk to them from the heart, it is only open in their quality, previously invisible to others.

Astrological Planet - Sun;zodiac sign - Sagittarius;color names - red, silver;Birthstone - jasper, sapphire;favorable colors - brown, dark blue.

So, having learned that the name is Katya, so you can decide if you like it, and call you as my daughter.