Playful champion - Seychelles nut

In the center of the coat of arms of the Republic of Seychelles shows palm - endemic of the planet.The botanical name of the tree, giving the largest nuts, Lodoicea maldivica.Other, more strokes, the name of the plant - Seychelles palm.Only 2 of the Seychelles islands (Praslin and Curieuse) you can see the tall trees with fan leaves span of 3 meters, or even more.


heterosexual Palma: there are male and female trees.When the pollen from the male flowers to the female gets the plants start to grow fruit to full maturity which require 7-10 years.Palm trees grow very slowly.Only in the softening of the shell requires six months.From the ground will sprout next year.After 7-8 years it is possible to determine who is - "boy" or "girl".At age 18, women's palm starts to bloom and it tied the first fruits.If there is no close male specimen, the natives solemnly pollinating plant, cutting off the pistil and offering it to the open flowers.For two hundred years, trees reach the height of 10 meters.Those that stretched for 30 meters, "a little older" - they are about 8 centuries.In adult palms account for up to 70 nuts, but they do not ripen at once, but gradually.How to claim vyspevshy Seychelles palm nut falls at night, jumping up from the tree yourself.But the guards guarding palm plantations, run day and helmets.Although this precaution is unlikely to save them.Seychelles nut, whose photos are posted here, does not have the powerful dimensions that reach individual instances.Up to 25 kg - that is what the giants, champions among the seeds!

What's inside?

nut shell is very hard and thick.Composition vnutriplodnoy pulp 85% consists of fat, protein - 5%, carbohydrate - 7%.Energy nutritional value - 345 kcal per 100 grams.For Seychelles nut flavor is not particularly praised: slightly sweet.In addition, the inner contents very quickly acquires a hardness of ivory and the same color.But there may be differences - the taste and color of comrades because there is still no.Happen to visit in the Seychelles - Try a cocktail of pulp is a refined drink, served at the restaurant.

tradition of antiquity

Seychelles nut insanely highly prized in the Middle Ages.In those days, the first acquaintance with the royal nut (aka sea kokoks - Coco de measures, double coconut, walnut love Maldivian walnut) people gave him magical properties - to bring to the owner of health, wealth, love: one word - happiness.
Up until the French colonization of Seychelles, as it happened in the 18th century, no one knew where rising sea coconut.Nuts nailed sea wave and, therefore, assumed that they mature in the deep sea.Grow Walnut something in other areas did not succeed.During his travels in the depths of the ocean (fresh fruit is heavier than sea water and can move only in the depths under the force of currents) core rot, walnut, and it becomes easy to pop up to the surface, getting it to the coast of the Maldives, then to the island of Java.These were isolated cases.The surviving shells was equal to the volume of gold.Walnut changed to metal by weight or cavity filled with coins, jewelry.It is clear that such operations could afford only master of the world.Ordinary people who dared to hide a nut, ruthlessly cut hands - for the first time, and for the following misdemeanor deprived of life.

Nature jokes

ripening on a palm tree in Seychelles nut shell resembles a heart.Ripe fruit falls to the ground, the shell bursts on them and it is removed.Walnut transformed beyond recognition - instead of a heart there is the lower part of a woman's body.It turns out that the Seychelles nut in shell is the most erotic kind.Do not lag behind in humorous allusions and male trees - look at the photos.Seychellois - cheerful people.Here in the toilet cubicles instead of silhouettes (standard notation) you can see the image of walnut and pestle Seychelles palm.It is clear: you go there, and I - here.


Now Seychelles nut - very expensive, from 150 euros for a small instance.Take out from the islands can only be with permission.Each palm on the account, and on it - every nut numbered, he has a passport.On the island of Praslin Seychelles are plantantsii palms, from which annually collect up to 4 thousand pieces of ripe nuts.

Creation miracle

hands of masters and their aspirations can buy a miracle, in which basis - Seychelles nut.Photos of exclusive boxes - confirmation of this.Local people deeply appreciate the gifts of nature.Each piece of the shell they give a second life, making it out of useful things - souvenirs, cups, decorations.Remarkably, if a nut will just lie in plain sight in the apartment.What fond memories of an earthly paradise, a temporary visitor who happen to be, he casts his presence!It is possible that he acquired magical properties mascot, maturing under the equatorial sun.