With this understanding in a relationship?

Although Mr. Darwin argued that man did work, we beg to differ.The main thing was to talk to.Talking with each other, exchanging thoughts, ideas, plans, we get new knowledge and can realize themselves in society.Want to be successful?Learn to communicate.Would you like to have a good family - and here try to understand each.

Black cat

When a family breaks up, the couple say they no longer understand each other.If expenses colleagues, it means that between them ran a black cat.That is, all of a sudden there was hostility, alienation and even ill will toward each other.And in general there is complete so misguided.

What is understanding?Today it is one the most acute problems in the world.Without this it is impossible to establish any relationship between individuals or between whole countries.

But let's start with the scientific definition.What is the understanding of the philosophy of?It's such a versatile operation of our thinking, which acquires new content and include it in the system already established concepts and ideas.In fact - the result of speech perception of a message.This includes information, a variety of knowledge about the inner world, or this or that person.

So if you want to be understood from the first word, learn to clearly express their feelings and thoughts.

only with other

Any success is based on good relationships at home or at work.And when you consider that all people are different, it is very important to be able to establish contact with them.How to do it?Of course, each of us intuitively feels when it is necessary, for example, to remain silent or to support another, such as to help him out.That is understandable.

And in general, what is understanding?The definition is.This is a special quality of a person's ability to comprehend and understand the motives of the other.Also, the ability to explain and pass through your mind and heart of the state in which the other person.

Probably everyone met people who just "see" the person in his difficulties, aspirations, can quickly see his soul sympathize.Life experience tells them the correct move.And this is good.

However, in practical psychology, there are several effective techniques.They can be master.Then your contacts with others will be more warm, friendly, durable.And next to odnodumtsami can move mountains.

emotional background

If we talk about the fact that such an understanding in the relationship, it is necessary to know the following.Psychology relationship affects a lot of different issues: social circle, emotional background, the impact on the other person and so on.All this is true for both adult and child.

to relationships with others were more smooth and good, it is necessary to understand these people.And when you understand, you begin to unconsciously treat them with respect, tolerance.It produces in response to the same feelings and actions.

You may ask: "What is the understanding of man?" It is an important principle of psychology of relationships.After all, there is empathy, harmony.And it is equally comfortable for the communicating parties.And everyone then interested in maintaining such links.All of their value, are trying to keep a long time, not to lose.

your position

With this understanding in real life every day?It is our particular behavior.We must learn to accept those around us neighbors, co-workers, even casual acquaintances, not to mention the members of his family, such as they are.With this you can not approve of the behavior of someone else.But better still to learn that here it is - a completely different, not your copy, so very different from you.You can not agree with his opinion, words, habits, hobbies - please.It is your right.But elementary respect his values, you simply must.That's all.That's enough to between you established a great relationship.

Five Keys

However, to really deeply understand the other, it is necessary to know five important principles and follow them.

1. comprehend and recognize the potential of an individual. born each has its own possibilities and reserves - mental, physical, everyday.Sometimes he even they do not realize.The school did not help them uncover, parents also proshlyapili.But if you begin to approach the man, thinking that he is capable of more, better, all these qualities manifest in him.Your faith, need a helping hand to people to change their lives.

2. We must learn to listen. We all like and talk a lot, but somehow incomplete.You talk to him - and he does not hear.Not included in your position.Think about your.From your problems shrugs.Do not try to help.If it were otherwise, it would have fallen down the barriers between people.

3. Do not put the estimate. If someone believes all the other inferior, the companion he has no interest.And no major ownership of it does not want to have.People usually immediately begin to assess the unfamiliar.And judge them at first glance.And it is enough just half a minute.Then, the prevailing opinion is very difficult to change.But we must try to understand the man.Learn his views, beliefs.It opens a path, for example, a new employee that was initially hidden.

4. Always be honest and open. Why pretend?It will only complicate your life.Speak always the truth.Let's say you do not like this person, and you say that, on the contrary, very much liked.But your eyes and gestures, that is, non-verbal communication, you will be given a head.Only sincere feelings give sense to contact with the outside.So do not be afraid to be yourself.

5. Help others become better. For this we must create an environment in which a person begins to liberate himself, openly, to speak to you openly friendly.

Nothing could be better than a good relationship.It is understood only when they are spoiled.And all return back?This is very problematic.

My house - my fortress

correct definition.If the house you're doing okay, you feel happy.And this is possible only under one condition - when there is an understanding in the family.

peaceful environment, love and care of family influence on your position at work.You come not evil and not gloomy, but cheerful and responsive, with a willingness to help.And the productivity you high.In general, life is beautiful!Now, you, of course, it is clear that such an understanding of and how great its role in our lives.

quite bad when the disorder in the house.Whether between spouses, or between parents and children.The reason is the same - there is no understanding, respect the interests and concerns of others.

Children - themselves

Today, life is such that both adults and children are at home, on average no more than two hours - except, of course, sleep.A communicating less.

Working mothers can be given to the son or daughter 30 minutes - no more.No intimate conversations or discussions of children's issues.But the comments about the child's behavior, as a rule, very categorical.Some adults simply do not consider it necessary to "go down" to their problems.Here they personally - yes, a serious concern, and the children - is nonsense.Only the spiritually blind can not treat with your loved ones.And then in old age they complain that their children are forgotten.

will present a live chat - all roughness, quarrels, conflicts will disappear.And then everyone will rush home in the evening, where you can just have a heart.

Home consent

So wrote Spinoza of understanding.How to learn not to provoke conflicts?Quarrels erupt when we all have different opinions and people argue who is right.All this is very bad for our lives.The ability to properly communicate with humans will create a good situation.

the example of relations of spouses can be seen.What is love?Understanding each other, the desire to give.If the husband, for example, has the looks are not the same as a wife, she immediately behaves aggressively.The dispute takes a threatening nature, and no one wants to understand each other.Please be aware that someone with different beliefs, is entitled to his views.Let wrong, from your point of view.But this - his judgment, can-won.And perhaps over time it will change them and closer to yours.

Yet people persist, insist on their own.Although the need to know what the differences of opinion - the beginning of the conflict.In this case, they have no idea that such an understanding.

lost - hence win

ability to communicate - is the desire to give.Never deny outright the views of others.After all, how many people - so many opinions.And try to figure it out which of them is most correct.Just try to understand the other.And the potential for conflicts in the family will not.

Allow your opponent to have an opinion - not to lose, but rather to win!Peace is restored.