Make yourself autumnal mood, or 5 secrets of happiness

Outside, the autumn chill.I want to crawl under a warm blanket, drink hot tea and listening to the monotonous rhythm of the rain.Apathy, depression and melancholy - the main attributes of the autumnal mood.Answer one simple question: How long can you cultivate this state?Do not it be better to take and perezaprogrammirovat yourself in a positive and lasting happiness?

The first thing that needs to be done to enhance the mood - to take control of their emotions.Stop quarreling about trifles with loved ones, to be offended, throw negative cues and gestures, grumbling at children and all kind show discontent.Learn how to get rid of anger and pessimism - these feelings and qualities are destructive to your psychological state, and, consequently, on the mood.

Tip Two - try to get out of the depths of his soul a bit of humor.No need to dive into a routine and bury myself in it.Smile more often laugh at any situation.Stay tuned for a positive, even if you do not want this.Watch comedy and soap operas, read jokes and humorous sketches - fracture itself, tune in to a wave of good mood.

Third, it is best to help you recharge positive for a long time - meeting up with old friends.Not to tell, and how hard you work in a new team, but simply to recall the past, to make fun of common jokes, drink tea ... gossip with her friends a bit of sugar with your favorite cake - a great reason to get out of a prolonged melancholy.After all, in the company of true friends, even the most gloomy autumnal mood always rises.

that at any time can please a woman?Of course, shopping, going to the spa-salon, bouquets of flowers and chocolates.Bring in your life are small change.Change the blanket on the couch, buy a bouquet of autumn flowers, make a new hairstyle ... Play an exciting game with his imagination, for sure, in its corners hides plenty extravaganza ideas.

And the last, the fifth council - revise his views on life.Each of Us ups and downs, light and dark days.They need to be taken for granted and do not get hung up on what's happening.Your life is not so smooth?It seems that there is no clearance, and through the haze of gray clouds never peep sun?Remember, "all will pass, and it will pass."

Try to forget about troubles.Whatever they are, they will give only time.Do not let depression to drag you into his game, do not enter into the role of a victim of circumstances.Do not spare yourself.It is better to use our advice and start from the first minutes after reading them and understanding to act.

Work out as much as possible movements and actions, in a hurry to enjoy the new atmosphere, do not stand still.You and only you are responsible for your world so Decorate it in all the colors come autumn.Take note: the fall - that's no reason to be sad.Your autumn mood and your emotions are located only in your hands and do not depend on the time of year.And you will be able to take over any of them - this is a matter for another story.Have a good mood!