As in "maynkraft" to make a trap and what can it be?

Many gamers can not understand what are the pitfalls in "maynkraft."They searched all the recipes, but do not find anything like it.In fact nothing is impossible to track down.After trap - this work geymerskogo mind, not the developers.The fact that you yourself can create a mechanism or a specific area, which is dangerous for anyone to go down.To do this, you do not need prescriptions or any specific knowledge.Suffice it to understand the mechanics of the game, as well as imagination.And what is more developed, the better, because you will be able to make such traps, which will be able to see through even not the most experienced player.

So, as in "maynkraft" to make a trap to make it work?In reality there are several groups of traps are similar in principle to.This article will be allocated to the most popular ones.


The most common "maynkraft" you'll find a trap in the form of mines.It allows you to quickly neutralize the enemy, leaving him a chance of survival.As in "maynkraft" do-trap mine?It's pretty simple.You need dynamite, is the main component, which, strictly speaking, is mine.The rest - a situation that allows you to hide all signs of a threat to the enemy.You can build a small house and leave it in the trunk.Floors in the house there, but a single layer of sand will lay the dynamite.When another gamer will want to feast on the contents of the trunk, he fell into the sand, there will be contact with the dynamite explosion destroyed everything around.If you do not want to use each time the place turned into a mine crater from the explosion, you perform better house walls of durable materials such as obsidian.Now you know how to "maynkraft" to make a trap, but it's not the only way.

Water traps

In "maynkraft" all as close to reality: over time, your character gets tired, he needs to have in order to restore power, it can not be moved with supernatural speed, and so on.So if you think about how to "maynkraft" to make a trap, you should use water.In this game you can not breathe underwater, and if the opponent will be in the body of water from which will not be able to emerge, it will suffocate.If you potreniruetes then be able to create reservoirs, which will be hidden whirlpool and then any enemy caught in your trap, just die underwater.The improvement of the skills you will be a special "Maynkraft" -video.How to make that kind of trap?It is quite possible.If you do not want to create a whirlpool, there are many other types of traps.


If you are wondering how to make a trap "Maynkraft-152" or another version, you can use the thread.Drag it on the approach to the object of desire of the enemy, it will be invisible.Of course, if the player will move carefully and constantly inspect the area, he noticed the trap and easily neutralize it with scissors, but if not, you can connect it to the distributors, charged, for example, arrows to the enemy received a lethal dose of damage.


The best way to use the traps - it is a combination.The fact that many of them are incredibly effective and kill the enemy with almost one hundred percent probability, but they are very visible.Others do not cause too much damage, but it is almost impossible to detect them.You can use the strengths and weaknesses of the various pitfalls to create a combination that will be both invisible and dangerous.