How to get a cloak for "Maynkrafta"?

"Maynkraft" - a game in which the original character model is absolutely the same for everybody.However, you can change the skin, that is a graphical representation of your character.The official version of the game has several different skins that are easy to use.However, it is worth noting that the vast majority of gamers play pirated version, so they do not have such a possibility, but it can set different modes, allowing them to modify the look of their characters.

But now it goes to the Tabernacle, and something more - about cloaks.They are not part of the skin, as are separate from the body as opposed to any type of clothing that is just painted on the figure of the hero.That is why almost every player has ever wondered about where to find a cloak for "Maynkrafta."However, to do this, unfortunately, is almost impossible.

Raincoats for administration

As you'll see pretty quickly if you start to study this question, this type of clothing is not designed for casual players.Cloak for "Maynkrafta" are exclusively representatives of the administration and the developers of the game.Accordingly, you will in no way be able to get certain types of raincoats as they belong exclusively to the specific real characters.

But here there is a legitimate question.There is not the only proof that the official servers were met by gamers who have no relation to the administration, but at the same time possess certain unique cloaks.How did they do it?In fact, the cloak of "Maynkrafta" could get some time ago due to the incredible luck.

Special cases

As you know, a cloak for "Maynkrafta" - is a hallmark of the higher echelons of the game.However, you can occasionally find gamers who wear capes.How to explain it?The fact that in the past there were several cases where coats were issued for certain achievements.Most likely to be obtained in the cloak of the years when the conference was held in the players' Maynkraft "MineCon.Each person who was recorded on it, the game got a raincoat.However, there were other cases.For example, the team of translators, who helped to translate the game into different languages, were selected randomly about thirty people, who have received special coats.The rest were given individual gamers for their outstanding achievements or exceptional grounds.

Maud Cloak

Raincoats are inaccessible to gamers who play on official servers.However, the pirates may well take him nicknames "Maynkraft" with cloaks, thereby bypassing the system and get what they wanted most.However, this method is not the most worthwhile, because you have to sacrifice your individuality by choosing a strange nickname, and totally dependent on the owner, who at any moment can change the skin and get rid of the cloak.Accordingly, a much more effective method - to put the modification that allows you to set the cape on your character.If you play on a multiplayer server, you will need to check that there was a set of the same events, or your coat will be visible only to you, for others it will be invisible.

Download cloaks

Naturally, modifications will not be enough to have emerged cloak.The fact that it only activates the possibility of their use - you need to coats you download yourself.You can find them on many sites on the internet - you just have to search specifically for coats "Maynkraft."22x17 - is a standard size coat, which you need to download in order to add it to the game.