Offset printing - is a versatile printing method of printing products

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Today, offset printing - is the most common and popular method of making typographical products.What makes the production method different from many other methods of printing printing products?First and foremost the fact that it is universal, and at the same time, all products, which is used in the manufacture of this type of printing, has a high enough Quality Score, which is also important.Offset - is one way to produce typographic Idel, who belongs to the category of plane.Offset printing technology is that the image transfer to the paper is not directly but through a special shaft offset.This kind of production printing provides the ability to place all of the letters and other characters on the same plane, the difference is only in the cells that are used to make the ink.Print form with this method of production has a certain name - imagesetter.

What is offset printing, which recovered its variants?

It should immediately be noted that to date, offset printing - it is quite a long procedure.This is due primarily to the fact that during the printing of the color on the paper are applied serially, rather than all at once.As a basic color palette used colors CMYK, and not RGB.The latter is most often used for digital printing output.Today are two types of offset printing: Role and sheet.Role-based manufacturer of printing done on special paper rolls.Often, the role of production method is used in paper products, if you want to carry out cost-intensive printing.The most common way role-sired printing products such as diaries, notebooks, newspapers, magazines.I would like to note at once that the role of offset printing - a service that is much cheaper than a sheet production method.Now let's talk about what concerns sheet production.By this method invoked in cases when it is required to carry a small amount of production of printing products.The most common method of sheet-fed offset printing products are made in the format A4 or A3.

What are the advantages of offset printing?

Offset printing - is the method of manufacturing the printing industry, which has both advantages and disadvantages.The advantages of this type of printing of printed products can be safely attributed the high quality of the image.It is for this factor people prefer to use offset printing method instead of digital.Another advantage, which has the technology of manufacturing printing products - an opportunity to print on different paper types.Some print printing printing products not only on plain paper but also on cardboard, thin and coated paper.The disadvantages of the printing type of printing is the fact that the printing products printed a sufficiently long period of time.It is worth noting that if you want to save in the manufacture of printed products in such a way, it is necessary to make an order for a large circulation.