How do I know the model of the motherboard of your PC?

Many people are not aware of ways to find a model parent card of the computer, and in fact for some drivers and programs need to know exactly what the device labeling.There are several different options for how to do this, ranging from a simple box to view the title and ending with disassembly of the system unit PC.Every way is different degree of difficulty and the ability to use it.In this article you will find the most convenient and suitable for you.

How do I know the model of the motherboard the easiest and fastest way?It is enough to read the name on the box, receipt or any other document.But if you do not have a box (it simply got lost), do not try to be upset.There are several options, and at least one of them, you will definitely come up.

Few people know how to find the model of your motherboard by using special software.To do this, use one of the tools for the diagnosis of a personal computer (for example, the famous «Everest»).Such programs scan the entire system and give maximum information on the user's request.After running the utility, go to the section "board", and at the top of the window that appears you will see all the information about the model, "motherboard" of your PC.Here you will find a lot more information on the "mother" from the ID card system and ending with reference to various updates.

Another option is to find out the motherboard model, often referred to as "mechanical."It should be noted that this option is one of the easiest - Remove one of the side covers of your computer and look at the motherboard itself of its brand (for all devices of this type are necessarily indicate the manufacturer and model).If you do not know what it looks like, "motherboard", do not worry.It represents the largest fee to which is attached a plurality of devices, from PCs and ending processor RAM and video card.If for any reason you can not make out the inscription (poor lighting, small fonts, etc.) and it makes it difficult to know the model of the motherboard, do not despair.Use a digital camera with flash and then view photos on the screen enlarged.If you choose this method, be sure to shut off the power and then begin to remove the cover of your computer.

Another easy way to check the model of the motherboard - it's just examine a driver disk that you have when buying a PC.But this option is not necessary to rely too much - often manufacturer produces "universal" drivers suitable for several models of motherboards.

Not all users know how to find the model of the motherboard when the computer starts.However, to do this is quite simple - the first picture when you start the PC should show the mark "motherboard."You can also go into the BIOS and see the name of its sections.

Check the model and serial number of the motherboard can also be user and the operating system itself.To do this, refer to the Device Manager and carefully study the section titled «Chipset».But this system can show incorrect data, introducing you to the most misleading.Therefore, the "program" method as described above (using third-party utilities for troubleshooting), is much more reliable.Also note that the search for a "master" card in laptops the easiest way to take the help of the official website of the device manufacturer, in its pages you can usually find detailed information on all models produced laptops.The key is to know exactly the name of the model of the laptop.