How do I know my video card?

Many of us remember how they first sat down at the computer, turn it on and began to understand the intricacies of working with the PC.A huge number of programs, a lot of functions, fear click "wrong button" - all this at first fascinated.Over time, a novice user wants to learn all the details.And the first thing he comes to mind - it is to know exactly what his computer and what characteristics it has.It was at this point, the user and start to ask questions, how do you know your video card, motherboard model and processor.This article will help to answer these questions.

After some digging in the settings you find the data you need and understand that you understand not all.The numbers, names, gigahertz - all of this is interesting, but is somewhat vague.

Let's look at exactly how to see the characteristics of the computer operating system Windows.It's very simple - go to the "Start" menu, go to "Control Panel", then select "System and Security" tab and then "Device Manager."This is where the data is stored that is under the "hood" in your computer.

Now we need to dwell on such an important detail as the video card.In fact, the video card depends on how your computer will handle the processing of various charts, including those with computer games.So if you're a designer, an artist or a gamer, you just have to be able to correctly answer the question, how do you know your video card.

You can do it in at least two ways.First, we have already discussed, simply browse to the "Device Manager", which model of the video card installed on your PC.The second method will fit only for desktop computers.You will need to remove the cover from the system unit, and just to see what is written on the video card.If you do not know what she looks like, do not worry.Typically, this is a big board in the bottom of the system unit.But how do you know your video card, if a card you can not find?Just make sure to exactly what the board connected cord from the monitor.It is possible that you are "happy" owner of the built-in video card.This device allows you to work only with light graphics, and advanced graphics programs and games do not count.

If you bought a computer recently, then it is installed card companies «Intel», «GeForce» or «ATI».«Intel» specialize only in embedded graphics, the other two companies produce very different range of data devices - from simple home video cards to super game "vidyuhi", which cope with any level of graphics.Check your video card (or rather its model, respectively, and technical capabilities) and can be another simple way.Simply install one of the tools to test the PC (for example, «SiSoft Sandra» or any other program to diagnose computer) that could not simply identify a brand of your video card, but also to show what it can do.

should be noted that in almost all versions of the Windows operating system response to a question, how do you know your card will be virtually identical.Moreover, the user can use any of the methods described above.

But what possibilities gives us information on how to identify your video card?Windows 7, for example, can automatically restrict certain graphic elements in different games, if your computer is "weak" card.And that this may cause "deadlocks" and "glitches" in a variety of applications.And with knowledge on how to identify your video card, you will always know it is time to replace your graphics processor to a new and perfect.Thus, you will always be up to date and be able to decide whether to update the PC set in "iron".